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  1. Haha I have had the same problem. I reworked the habit and it usually only happens once a fight now, but it still comes up and at the worst of times (rockets) Also yeah, he just sucks at the game.
  2. Yeah I can confirm myself that the multiplayer is still pretty good. I don't play it much myself, but I have played a few games just to see what it was all about and the teams I got paired with seemed like seasoned vets. I barely knew how to lift my rifle because I had not played in a few years and the combat changed in this one a bit, but the other guys carried me through. If you were playing and actually knew what you were doing, even better. You should be fine to just jump right in.
  3. I am having an issue removing games from my trophies section. I had a gaem I bought and planned on playing then gave it away before I could start it so I did not earn any trophies. I wanted to remove it from my "my trophies" section but cannot do so. I assume if you go to the game's page and click "disable trophies" that it would remove it from my list but I cannot get the games removed. Is this a glitch or am I doing something wrong? Is it just permanent? I checked the guide and several forum pages for a solution and cannot find one. Thanks!
  4. The website howlongtobeat.com has 80+ hours on it. I was worried when I first saw that, you guys have restored my confidence. I see it is most likely that the website was referring to the 100% synchronization.
  5. About 33 hours. The naval convoys for me were done way before the platinum. It was the supply camps that brought me up a few hours. One of those games though where I wish I had done more collecting and what not as I was playing the story. The clean up began to feel like a grind.
  6. My issue is the pairing together of a level cap increase and the campaign add on DLC. The first Borderlands did that with the General Knox add on and I really wish there was a way to avoid such a thing.. is there? I want to get the DLC I just don't want the level cap increase for my own personal reasons. IS there a way to accomplish that goal? Thank you!
  7. Sorry if you saw my registration I just posted.. I didn't realize the clock for you guys was so far ahead.. So no go on my registration. Sorry about that.
  8. I wouldn't be very happy if they bring Joker back at all.. He is an amazing character and very deep but they need to give Minor villains a chance to shine also.
  9. LOL, don't worry about it :D hope you have a good year ^^

  10. Well This year I am going to work on socialization because for the years I have been with PST I have.. no friends.. So If anybody sees this and wants to chat I'm here and also have onlibe compatibility but I don't play online all that much.. Anyway guys it's nice to meet you whoever "you" are.

  11. Hey! Happy new year to you also! I just realized I ignored your message back for a year.. Wow.. sorry about that.

  12. PlayStation Network Account (PSN): XxFearReaper_ PSN Card of Choice: US Suspect: Sylar Weapon: Plasma Cutter Location: Pandora
  13. How long will initiation take to complete would you say? Also Is the new Bruce Wayne compatible on normal challenge maps?
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