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  1. PSN: bnecker717 Trophy: Friend or Foe Timezone: EDT (GMT-4) Send me a friend request with a message in it if you'd like to boost this trophy with me. Thanks! EDIT: Got the trophy. Thanks PrimevalPanda for boosting with me!
  2. Hi, I need 50 plays on my level: Bnecker717's Free Custom Costumes (no dlc) - Bnecker717's Free Custom Costumes (no dlc) By bnecker717 - LBP.me Vita If you play my level please send me a msg on here, the PSN or LBPV and I'll play yours too. Thanks! I'll queue up all the levels that don't have enough plays on here and work on them tonight. Got way over 50 plays already! Wow, thanks so much to everyone who helped! If there are any P4P's I missed let me know and I'll play yours back too!
  3. I would like to see a video showing how to get 3 stars on The Jupiter Mission. Thanks!
  4. I'm looking to boost for a few online trophies and play online for fun. I have the Arena DLC and would love to boost for that as well. PSN: bnecker717 Timezone: EST but on all the time!
  5. Hey everyone! Thanks so much for the d4d's so far. I still need 4 more on each creation for the share trophies and then lots more download's for the 50,000XP trophy. Thanks and keep downloading! I'll return the favor!
  6. Add me to the list please. PSN: bnecker717 Thanks!
  7. PSN ID: bnecker717 Hi, please add me to the list. I will download everyone on the list's items and vote later on today. Thanks so much!
  8. PSN: bnecker717 Boosting: Sharing trophies, 50,000 XP and Level Rank 28 Feel free to send me a message on here or the PSN so I can return the favor. I'll download the last page or so of people on here to get things started. Thanks!
  9. Hey! I forgot to update this thread. I was able to find a few more songs. Here is the link to download all of the songs: http://www.box.com/s/hbn9o6ubs7bn9vzqrtll Enjoy!
  10. I just put together a video combining the beautiful story Masterweaver wrote with cutscenes from the game. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNYDQq8aKhM]Of the Journey: A Fanfiction - YouTube[/ame] Let me know what you think! What does the story of Journey mean to you?
  11. Nice job on this guide! It is really helpful!
  12. Thanks for using the PS3 layouts instead of the arcade. I never played this game in the arcades either so any of that lingo is totally confusing to me. Nice job on the guide!
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