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  1. That's why it's called "Invisible Mode" guys to be Invisible Although i play with Armor Mode all the time feel like a walking tank haha But it gets kinda annoying when someone camps invisible and then kills you
  2. Actually the Rank 20 Trophy might be the maximum rank just like rank 50 but it will take much longer to level up each time i guess:think:
  3. That sucks :/ Atleast Summer that way more people would have free time to play alot. But Not September just when everyone starts school etc. :/ Anyway it's ok atleast they making the game good with no glitches and lag Why get a game early and have freezing issues glitches etc.? I'm sure it will be worth the time, with all these extra months they will make it much better
  4. The beta was stunning can't wait to play the actual multiplayer and also singleplayer
  5. I never skip cutscenes makes no sense playing a game and not knowing what im fighting for etc. I skip cutscenes when i replay the game since i already know
  6. 5/10 Only Fubar was Hard The rest were easy Enjoyed the game
  7. Looks like a very simple and fun trophy list
  8. There is no Walking dead in Psvita man
  9. First of all i don't game everyday If i have free time i play about 3-4 hours a day
  10. No your stats won't continue mate,you will start from the beggining
  11. Such a brilliant story.... It was like i was watching a brilliant movie but i was making the choices and actions Can't say more for this Master Piece Just excellent very awesome game
  12. Walking Dead is a Master Piece one of the best games i have played in a while 1/10 i give it for plat difficulty 10/10 for a game It was worth it! People that haven't played this game i recommend you getting this as soon as possible
  13. The Multiplayer was VERY fun i enjoyed alot the beta I didn't expect it to be so awesome lol But we haven't seen nothing yet I don't know why you guys dont like it
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