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  1. I did it. I got platinum without any boost. Voted 6, didn't find anything hard.
  2. i gave it 8, but i think that it's 7,5
  3. Voted 10. The hardest 100% for me so far.
  4. I DID IT!!! Just got my last medal and trophy. That was the hardest trophy to get for me. Finally. P.S. I'm so good and sexy...
  5. So any progress? I beat my record in 31-alpha, but destroyed only 11 bosses. So close.
  6. Sure. There is way to get Laser EVERY TIME before Boss at 24-alpha. After 3rd boss there is "sub-stage" with "dogs" and meteors only. This sub-stage will alternate now after every boss. All u need at these levels is to kill every "dog" exept one, then just dodge, evade and wait... wait for laser. It will apear anyway, doesn't matter when, but it will. When u see it - kill the last "dog" and pick up the Laser, then u should kill the boss as fast as it possible. Hope i explained this well. Other way sorry for my english, remark me if it needed.
  7. All right now, just finished 24-alpha and got 1st place in the world. And i know really easy way get all medals there. Just 1 medal left - 31-alpha 12 bosses.
  8. Would anyone to explain why it's impossible?
  9. Back to PSN. Need all on-line trophies. Ready to boost. PSN ID: Pantera87
  10. plated it today it tooked me 378 hours vote 3, nothing hard, just time consuming
  11. gave it 2. boring and easy.
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