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  1. Let us know when you come back.

  2. PSN: Sethabee I guess it doesn't really matter the trophies you need or timezone, as whenever you play you just post a ghost.
  3. I had the same problem, my TV would say 'This mode not supported' or whatever. What l did to fix this was going to Display Settings, then changed it from Automatic to Custom and did this manually and for some reason it fixed it. Try that, if not then disable the bottom resolution.
  4. I got the idea, not sure how, that Ranger mode would be unlocked through beating the game once like hardmodes in other games, but if you pre-ordered would be unlocked from the get-go. Are we sure that this is not the case?
  5. Need all co-op trophies including needs to be hugged. Can be online most anytime. Have headset. PSN ID: Sethabee
  6. I'm not sure how, but I think some how things are predetermined. I've played a lot of tactical rpgs, and one thing I've noticed across franchises and IPs is that if you reload a save to try to redo something, unless you're changing your whole turn strategy and things, the shots will do what they did before, regardless. Probably to avoid people doing what you were trying to do, lol.
  7. When you see this, it is (whether they know it or not) referring to how you unlock their story mode for play, not their navigator.
  8. I agree with the Monster things, also, there was the fact that he couldn't kill you no matter what happened, so I sort of felt that being tossed around wasn't a hazard, just an annoyance. However, whenever I saw frogs come out, it wasn't exactly fear, but I felt a sort of, urgh, Monster's gonna go nuts again.
  9. I'm not sure if you've addressed this, as I haven't seen it, but for Naoto's #30 challenge, is it possible to get their fate counters to zero, then combo into Hamaon or Mudoon, which do 9500 damage? If so that'd make the whole thing a bunch easier.
  10. For me, I feel like they changed a few things in Papo that shouldn't have been. I had been following the game's development for a while, and one thing they said they were trying to do with it was to make Monster feel like a friend one minute, then an enemy the next. I personally never really felt a moment when you wanted to like Monster, I mean yeah you used him to advance, but he was more like a pawn than a friend. The only time I felt that Monster was a protector was if you fail to follow the three keys, and are about to get squished by the blocks, then Monster will pull you out, wag his finger at you, then set you down. I feel like moments like those should've been more common.
  11. 3 or 4/10 without a guide. With the hat guide it's all just time consuming.
  12. Yeah sorry for that confusion, I had 2-1 and 2-2 swapped for a bit.
  13. Mind if I add it in to the guide? I think it'd come in handy for some of the more obscure trophies.
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