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  1. I had a few myfaction trophies autopop between consoles such as tower trophies but some didn't. I too hope lifetime challenges unlock on both.
  2. If anyone sees this in the future I struggled massively with Bad Altitude. I tried using Iron Man, Thor and Captain America (Sam Wilson) with the latter being good but it wasn't until I used Doctor Strange that I was able to finish the race with a few seconds to spare. The Helicopter was hard to steer in my opinion, but others may find success using someone else. I just felt Doctor Strange didn't veer off too much and was easy to maneuver.
  3. Thank you for updating the guide to reflect the server shutdown. I would've updated it myself but I've been pre-occupied being in hospital with COVID .
  4. I haven't posted in this thread before but as a Arsenal fan, if they play one second in this abomination of a league I will stop supporting them. Absolutely disgusting decision by them. Gary Neville was spot on with what he said and both UEFA/FIFA should ban the lot of them. I'm still fuming at the announcement.
  5. Just used the guide for both trophy stacks. I made a few errors in both playthroughs but I was able to correct them and get the platinum. In both runs the comic book and cup trophies unlocked in different places but earlier in the second as I knew where to go.
  6. Thank you for the option to change, I too prefer to see the first comments and work my way down.
  7. And That's How It's Done Fundamentally Flawless These are the two trophies that are now obtainable again.
  8. An update on Marvel Avengers, the two trophies I previously mentioned are now obtainable due to the recent patch. I've now earnt the platinum and many others have earnt the trophies, I did have to start a new game save for them to unlock but I didn't test on my normal save.
  9. I've been recently playing Marvel's Avengers and previously glitched trophies have been unlocking for me, but two trophies haven't and neither of them have unlocked for anyone else on psn profiles since 11th Feb and 13th Feb. And That's How It's Done - Defeat 10 or more enemies with a single Heroic ability activation Fundamentally Flawless - Defeat 50 enemies with Assault Heroic or Ultimate Heroic abilities The first trophy I've tried multiple times at the start of the game where the trophy videos suggest and even on my alternate account. The second trophy I've unlocked the challenge for each character which requires you to kill 75 enemies with heroic kills so the trophy for 50 should've unlocked.
  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. Thank you, I'll update the main site version now :).

  12. Updated the trophy guide.

  13. Due to server closure all online trophies are unobtainable.
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