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  1. I know this thread is old but a tip for new players when they get to this part is use the Noise Darts on the guard. Throw as many noise darts to the left of the guard as possible. He should walk away from his spot giving you enough time to kill the target and get the Gold before the guard returns to his spot.
  2. Anyone willing to lend a hand with Crawmerax? PSN - Barrndawg Timezone -Eastern I'm level 69 Brick on Playthrough 2 on the Ps4 Game Of The Year edition.
  3. Haha very true. I did the second part of the Leviathan Maze legit. Tried the 3rd part but couldn't figure out the disappearing walkways so I tried the glitch to get the 3rd core and somehow I pulled it off.
  4. Thanks for the tip. The crystals are what get me every time I try. I'll have to put on the shield bearer core and try it out. EDIT - Thank you, Killbomb! Took about 3 tries after I put on the Legion Shieldbearer core but I finally pulled it off!
  5. I love Darksiders but I wish we could have gotten 4 instead of this... Soundtrack is good. I hate the camera angle. The Blade Master trophy sucks... This might be the first Darksiders I give up on going for the platinum... Oh...and to whoever is brave enough to do the Leviathan puzzle in The Void. Good luck. I did 1 of 3 stages just to get the Leviathan Core (needed for the Collector trophy), 45 minutes. I never got so frustrated with a section of a video game in my life...
  6. Looking for some help with the "The Bigger They Are" trophy. PSN - Barrndawg Timezone - Eastern Difficulty - True Vault Hunter mode
  7. After getting the dreaded system crash during Hell-Burbia twice in a row at the same exact spot...i finally found a workaround that allowed me to complete it and get this hell of a DLC done. This is for anyone using the Low Level Alt Account exploit. Rest Mode...it is your best friend and where the time consuming aspect comes into play... Now I don't know if this made a difference at all, but I didn't want to rush to get finished. Patience is key. When I started I wanted to get as much done before I put the system into Rest Mode. I went up to Round 5, put it in Rest Mode, came back a little while later, and did from Round 6 to Round 11, put it in Rest Mode for a few hours and came back and did 2 more rounds. I put the system on Rest Mode overnight and came back in the morning and did Waves 13-15 (I stopped at 15 because of the 2 consecutive crashes on Wave 3 the previous times I tried). I think the crashes had to do with trying to power through Rounds 10-15... I ran errands and let the system cool down before I started again and did 1 round at a time. Taking 20 minutes Rest Mode breaks after each Round. I turned off the mini-map, subtitles, duel requests, basically everything that said "On" on the Options menu except for the Compass. I used a Pistol that had Fire damage, and a Corrosive Contact Grenade to keep the body parts to a mininum. I was using a Level 32 Soldier (as alt account) and Level 6 Siren (as main) and just the Siren keep getting killed. Hope this helps someone that goes for these trophies. I told myself after doing it on Ps3 this past summer that I would never do it again but here I am haha.
  8. I did Angelic Ruins and The Gully with no issues. Fuckin' Hell-Burbia crashed twice. Both times on Round 15, Wave 3. Wish they would fix their goddamn game!
  9. Got it solo... Anyone using Zane, you can use your Digiclone self destruct skill to take out at least 7 of the targets. It helps tremendously!
  10. Nope, I already have the plat. Just doing it for fun. I actually just finished it 5 minutes ago. Funny thing is, and I noticed I do this with a lot of games/posts on this site....if I'm having a problem with something, I'll come and vent here. As soon as I'm done venting I'll go back to the game and give it another go and usually get through it. It just happened with this exact challenge. For anyone needing any tips.. Charged Double Cyclone to take out Double as fast as possible. Charged Buster Shots to Iris' diamond. For Iris, stay in the top left or right corner. Hover out about 2 feet from the wall when her crystal goes to the floor, then hover back to avoid the laser. When Colonel joins the fight, whenever he does his laser attack, DON'T attack Iris. If you stick close to the wall she will not touch you. Just worry about avoiding his laser. Then resume attacks on the diamond.
  11. Just wondering if anyone has any tips for the fight against Iris & Double? I can beat Double with about half my health left but then Iris always kicks my ass. I'm playing on Normal. I hate to vent about it but it's just one of the most unfair fights in the whole game. Normal mode should have been named Hard Mode 😂
  12. I was playing on Challenging and those bosses were giving me a run for my money! But I was also into my 3rd Armageddon playthrough as well so I think that had something to do with the enemies being tougher. Glad to have the 100% and the Abyssal Armor now!
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