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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)!

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)!

    1. Sergen The Boss

      Sergen The Boss

      Unfortunately he'll never be able to see this message :(

    2. Terminator
  3. F*uck yeeeea it's summer thank God for that Zongo, have a great one, enjoy

  4. I do have a dummy facebook, I’ll add you:)

  5. Nah no bitching, I've already said I won't hog #1 as that's unfair. So how's piano school treating you? Ever gonna get FB back or anything like that?


    Do you even game very casually anymore?

  6. Wowzer, I've never seen you at 100%! nice. now they can bitch about you being the CLB owner and #1? :p


    Nahh. Not coming back. Just had a nostalgia session of browsing thru old shit there. Lyfe is gud w/o trophies. ;)

  7. YASSSSSSSSSS you're back! :hug: Got bored of tickling the ivory?


    Yeah got it done in Feb and am finally at 100%! Well, I'm not as COD released its new DLC and I can't do it as I'm too busy whoring THL, but you know what I mean :p

  8. DUDE you finished uncharted 3! whaaaat

  9. Yo. This is kinda random since I've taken over a LB from you in the past... but. Would you be interested in taking over the shmups LB? I'm done with trophies and just wanna retire from them and the site altogether. DP is taking over the fighting LB but I'm not sure who to ask for shmups. You're the only one that I know is both a fan of the genre and active on the site. Lemme know. :)

  10. I'm no longer going to update the Difficult/Long Platinums & 100%s thread. If anyone wants to take over, go ahead.
  11. yo, do you still wanna take over either of the LBs? :p (or both haha)


    If not they're just going away, I can't be bothered anymore.

  12. You do realize this is a contradictory/impossible suggestion, right? You can't tell someone not to worry about something that makes them worry about something... I think some of y'all don't understand this term or think that some people say it to look cool. That's usually not the case, and I'm sure as hell it isn't with Mellenthin (for fuck's sake, the dude said he won't play 2 different games because they're titled the same way on his virtual trophy shelf haha) OCD [obsessive compulsive disorder] is a very real thing and telling him to just ignore is dumb as hell, sorry. That's a bit like saying oh you have cancer, just ignore it (obviously not the same level but just trying to make a point) And no I don't have even a mild case of OCD at all, but I can completely understand the way people feel with it...
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