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  1. Hey I ain't Krid. Updated you and also myself. I got: AO Tennis 2 F1 2020 Valentino Rossi: The Game
  2. Done your requests for Mendels guide mateΒ πŸ‘

  3. Uncharted: Golden Abyss seems the most obvious one but here's some others I enjoyed: Papers, Please Severed World of Final Fantasy (also available on PS4 but this type of game suits the Vita so well) Civilization Revolution 2 Plus (basically Civilization light version if you're into that) The Hungy Horde Fruit Ninja Hotline Miami (same reasoning as World of FF) Everybody's Golf (beware, tough platinum)
  4. Hmmmm acting true to the nature of someone in a legal profession I see. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the fun newsletter and all your hard work for the site mate, don't be a stranger!
  5. Sign me up mate! +3 Astro's Playroom Destiny 2 Sackboy: A Big Adventure Thanks!
  6. +3 Driveclub VR Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality The Playroom VR +1 Batman: Arkham VR Thanks!
  7. This was exactly my thought this morning! I'm excited for the VR 2.0. Recently brought out my PSVR again and having a blast with it, but the whole setting up of it with the box and tons of cables is just ugh. One cable plug and play sounds good to me.
  8. I'm predicting Disco Elysium & Dishonored 2....oh and Watch Dogs. πŸ˜‹
  9. I'm playing this and I'm happy to finally to see a shift code appear for it. Worked fine for me too, thx!!
  10. Congrats Stylin! I got my medical degree through Surgeon Simulator last week but mine was in (virtual) reality so that actually counts...right? I suggest playing Planet Coaster next btw, I'm sure that's right up your alley!
  11. I've completed this twice now (PS4 & PS5), first in 8:08 and the second run in 7:31. Altho those times suggest I had an easy time, I didn't. My tactics were to basically just master each part seperately and practice them in the regular challenges until I had a set path that I could consistently make without dying, even if sometimes that meant a slower or not logical path. I had a lot of trouble with the crabs, spikes and blowfish at the start, and would take them really slowly. If you just stick to it, try to not get too frustrated and take breaks every once in a while (this was rly important in my case) I'm sure everyone can make this. Here's a video of my first run, unfortunately I forgot to record the second which was much smoother, but hopefully it'll help someone anyway:
  12. Congrats Mickey, well deserved and a long time coming!
  13. Glad it helped and good to hear you enjoyed this hidden gem as well πŸ˜ƒ
  14. Your reaction is the prime example of why it's tiresome Jerry. Unable to see what several people are trying to tell you with their 'negativity' and putting the blame on them instead. It wasn't just about this event and it wasn't just about you either, although yes you're the worst offender imo. The ED's are putting in a ton of their free time and energy into creating these events for us, just for fun. Not an event goes by without people having a list of remarks about how the event rules should have been, people actively searching for 'loopholes', telling them they should have been more clear, getting endless discussions about how things are unfair or not logical. It sucks the fun out of organizing these events for them Jerry. And you know what a volunteer does when they stop having fun at what they do? They stop altogether. Not every event can be a homerun but I can safely say we have had mostly great events all over the board. Just take the events at face value and for what they are: fun. These are not things your lifelihood depends upon. Just play them for fun and don't try to exploit every rule in the book to get an advantage. Don't try to find 'loopholes' or contradictions in everything. If you're half as smart as you always pretend to be, you'll understand what is meant with the spirit of the event and you can act accordingly without having to act like that annoying smartass little brother all the time. I'm all about more positivity Jerry, but saying 'great event' after having been a major pita to the ED's isn't that. It's like saying: 'Hey fantastic job pulling a raiser for the homeless, too bad I found an exploit and stole all the money tho. Better luck next time with them rules!' If you want people to be more positive towards you, try being self-reflective a bit and be more considerate of others. Make of that what you will.
  15. It's so tiresome that the ED's have to spell out every little thing and tackle every possible 'loophole' with a thousand additional rules because some people just refuse to see and do things in the spirit of the event.
  16. I actually turned auto symc off for this reason. On ps4 it seemed to sync ony once a day or when going into rest mode, while on ps5 it seems to sync real time. I use save cloud so I can go back like a full play session in case something goes wrong so to me syncing all the time doesn't seem too beneficial either.
  17. Happy 2021 everybody! Thanks to the ED's for another cool event. Too bad we didn't make it, but we've gotten a lot closer than I thought we would. Good job everyone!
  18. I refuse to throw in the towel just yet, Pennysticks and I just did another for Santa's Speedrun. Also got another trophy from Tuffs' list done.
  19. Penmysticks and I just popped a plat 1 sec apart for Santa's speedrun and will likely do 2 more in the coming days. That tile and the clubs games are gonna be problematic it seems.
  20. I still have 2 plats ready to pop if we can work out a time for it.
  21. Completed another trophy for Tuffs' list and finished the game with a perfect sequence. We're going to need a lot done in the last week.
  22. Just done Jolt for Tuffz list, 5 more to go of which I will do another 3. Also submitting these games for the 30-60% completion tile.
  23. I feel ya, did that game during the olympics and hated every second of it.
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