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  1. Looking to boost the online ranked matches BP to 530,000. My current BP is at about 80,000 PSN: x-iGoAT-X Time zone: Central time US Really any time. Feel free to add me and can try to boost this out
  2. Anyone have Bolt of Gransax, I missed it on my first playthrough. last weapon needed for platinum. Ill give up whatever you need.
  3. PSN: x-iGoAT-X Need to do both multi-player trophies. Just message me online
  4. PSN: x-iGoAT-X Want to get Winner, Winner I can return the favor as well. Central time US
  5. Just curious if you ever found out? I know in the remastered version the cheats are already there but not sure if they block trophies? Anyone have any information on this?
  6. This platinum is easily 100+ hours. Im currently level 71 and takes about 2 hours per level if I only play multi-player. Only trophy I have left 😑
  7. PSN: x-iGoAT-X I need 20 revives for platinum trophy. Please add me. I will return the favor as well!
  8. I need all 3 online trophies, I can do it anytime. PSN: BoO-iTzAGoAT
  9. There is no online trophies as of now. I already platinum this amazing game.
  10. Only part that took a few tries was angel stone near the end of the game. There's no need to cheat Professional is too easy, I collected all artifacts and scan all.ghost during this play thur also included the 3m damage. 2nd playthrough was a breeze on casual and got platinum. 😁
  11. Or you can squad up with other people that have this game and defend one spot the whole game.
  12. Yeah my stats reset already twice. I put in refund form for this game. Everyone should get there money back as well.
  13. Anyone else having issues trying to connect to public games? Love the game but I don't remember BL1 having soo many bugs. 🤔
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