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  1. Want to boost all of the online trophies on the Vita as well as PS4 (if possible). PSN: redknightalex Add boosting to your message so I don't delete it. Eastern time zone and I'm free most of the day.
  2. Somehow there's an even faster way to reach Sergei's diamond B ending than what you have posted here. If you continue to use his diamond A route until the very last choice and pick answer 2, Get out of here, you will unlock the "Caught red-handed" trophy. That saves some time, particularly in the Vita version, by making a save at that last choice for Sergei's diamond route and using those last two options for their respective endings. I found this by accident as I was trying to unlock the entire gallery. It's those little things that bother me. Helpful guide though, many thanks!
  3. Looking to do the coop trophy, Tower of the Elephant. I'm Eastern time and should be available most of the day tomorrow and this week. Add me with a message about the trophy boost. PSN: redknightalex EDIT: Plat achieved and game deleted.
  4. Nice looking guide, thanks for writing it! The game, as you've stated, does not tell you much and while frustrating at times, the payoff for figuring something out is rather satisfying. One end-game question: does the game end after you've used the portal or can you continue playing after the story has ended? Also, I've found that the merchants appear to slowly work their way towards the next tier even without me buying goods from them. I know they gain more money each day that goes by so is that how they are moving up?
  5. Wow, very nice guide and a huge thank you for putting it up here. Now I may just dig into this game a bit more now that I know this is a possible 100%
  6. Fantastic and relatively clear guide. Got myself the 100% on my Vita and will finish up the PS4 version soon enough. Not a big fan of the game so you really saved me here!
  7. I voted a 7. Death Modes led to anxiety and that's not good for anyone. I'm only glad it's over with. I find it interesting as well, the plat is "common" on most leaderboards/tracking sites so not having this plat, or at least three of them, is one of those markers that makes or breaks your card (at least it seems that way). I was also rather annoyed at how easy my friends would find it then wonder why I found it so difficult. Either way, be it Death Modes or the strange social structure of the trophy hunting community with this game, I'm rating it at a 7. Not easy and, in the end, just a relief to have it done.
  8. Yes, and a very big YES at that. Not much I can add to the conversation, luck based RNGs are not what I call decent, let alone good, level design (and it's frustrating enough in MP packs), other than I've never played a game that raised my anxiety level as high as this game did. Trying to finish a Death Mode, even an easy one, after five tries of seeing notes appearing on the other end of the screen from me just frustrated the hell out of me. Skill had little to do with many of the failures I had and feeling helpless and angry at the same time lead me to a few anxiety attacks finishing this game. I kid you not. No real satisfaction when I got the plat either, just relief.
  9. Times like these when I wish I could really purchase a Plus game I got for free. Don't see myself stopping my subscription but, either way, I'd like to have more "ownership" over a title if possible.
  10. inFamous 2 Evil Karma playthrough. Quick and easy as my Hard playthrough is over so I'm just enjoying an easier ride this time. Nix isn't as crazy either. Can't wait to finish up this game and move onto Second Son.
  11. Voted 3/10, same as ME2. In hindsight, ME2 is harder on Insanity but ME is really a breeze. Soldier + Immunity spam + Liara with Lift/Singularity == Easy Insanity. Really, Lift is great for Krogans because sometimes they float out of bounds... Haha! Great plat to have though. Worth the effort.
  12. My save file reads 105 hours, add the two mini-runs for the tech and biotic powers, and I'm at 110 or so hours. I spent most of my time with the first playthrough as it had been a while since I've played the game the first time, and read more codex entries, picking up a lot of containers, etc. than my last two. By playthrough 3, I wasn't skipping dialogue but I did a lot less killing (level 60 cap) and a lot less RPG fun stuff. Was annoyed when I found out that keeping the came on the pause screen added to your time. I hate that.
  13. The numbers for how many missions you need for each ally trophy are off, I agree with you there. But I'm pretty sure you'll be alright. Virmire has a couple of separate assignments, like Noveria and Feros, as well as Ilos. There are certainly three or more side quests on the Citadel during lockdown so you can do those as well. That's actually when I got my Asari Ally trophy and, man, was I happy about that one! Definitely counted more than the required 50 completed missions in my journal although some say that many of the UNC missions that end with you taking to Hackett don't count because you're talking to him alone. Dumb decision. Not sure if this'll work but, if you don't get the trophy, load an earlier save and continue from there. The assignments may accumulate over playthroughs because, at this point, I'd say anything is possible.
  14. Alright, first of all it's ok to not like something that someone else does. It won't kill you...oh wait, it's the internet, so it will. Sorry 'bout that! I've used the feature plenty of times, although mostly to record screenshots of trophies and (P)s more than anything else. I've also grabbed a bunch of footage of amazing moments that I want to keep forever. I do this on my PC too and having the ability for screenshots and videos on the console was a dream come true for me. The other features...meh. I've share-played Samurai Warriors 4 with a friend and he helped me to get the Nightmare trophy, so that's a plus. Also allowed him to play a game he didn't have for a few hours so that helped him out too. I've also used the broadcast feature and had a hell of a lot of fun with it as my first introduction to streaming my own games. None of the features are pointless to everyone, although the button could be placed differently. If only the Twitter option didn't spam my twitter account I'd use that too if I could have a few more options. But, seriously, do we have to be upset about everything people? EDIT: Just saw who made the thread. Realizing now I shouldn't have responded at all. My bad!
  15. We really need to be able to use an external drive for somethings, or move completed/unused games to it so they don't take up all of our precious space. Or use it for save files as they're also rather big. I'm also still waiting for Sony to announce their upgrading the Plus storage to something more meaningful than 1GB. Save files are getting ridiculously large now, like Apotheon at roughly 300mb.
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