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  1. I remember playing this when it can out and thinking “wow it looks good, but it feels off? Like the controls are stiff”. So I only played like 4 levels and got caught up in infamous and other great titles. Now I’ve come back to do a quick play through. And wow! Does it dissappoint. Heads up killzone 1 and 3 were my favorites. I liked 2 but the input lag was horrible. As I started shadowfall I instantly felt the controls were stiff and the levels were boring. The one thing it still has going for it was the game looks beautiful. But the main reason I was disappointed was because I play killzone mostly for story. And this story was extremely weak with no conclusion to anything. After playing halo reach over the weekend afterwards, I realized that PlayStation only players, the bar for fps genre games is set very low. Killzone and resistance games were incredible in the ps3 era. And I hope going into the ps5 era we get some good first person story driven shooters. I don’t mean to upset anyone, I just expected more from Guerrilla because I know the talent they have
  2. I love jrpgs so much I get one every month or two. I also understand that platinums should not come quick and without challenge. But it seems every one has over 100 hours a playtime to obtain it. Like world of final fantasy, I greatly enjoy the first 50-60 hours. But once I hit 60 or so hours on a game, It just starts feeling repetitive and boring. I don’t wanna sound like a whiner. But does anyone else feel the same like 40-60 hrs is the sweet spot for time and enjoyability. And around 100 is just a little too much. For world of final fantasy I feel like if they got rid of the mini game and treasure chest trophies. The platinum would be excellent.
  3. The original 15 songs are the easiest. Don’t do angel voices. The dlc ones start to get a lot more difficult. But I’m pretty sure you can use modifiers. I used increased speed to get a few extra points on a couple. Also learn how to flick and rotate your wrist to get full points. You don’t need to swing your arms. It only reads the ball. So a quick flick of the wrist 45 degrees almost always gives you 100-110 points. It’s hard to explain but once you start doing it. It’s like eureka!
  4. I just finished my guide on the sister site. Heres the link! I might transfer it over later on. Hope it helps! https://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=722898
  5. It took me a total of 178 matches of arcade and about 5 matches of each of the other game types for my 50k fruit. I did the math and on average I cut around 266 fruit per arcade game. To play it safe I would say count 250 towards your total after every arcade match. Or 200 matches and just tally them on a sheet. Thought I would let everyone know since there is no dang tracker in game. And if your like me, I like to have a goal in site. Good luck!
  6. I am obsessed with trophy hunting as much as anyone else. For this game let me give you some advice. Play this game for fun or get your 100 million points before going for the 100%. I have seen multiple people give up thinking it’s just impossible. I thought the same thing day one. So I said screw the trophies. And I play at least 2 hours a week since launch. I now play expert + and all expert songs on 150 percent speed. Without noticing I far surpassed the skill to 100% this game. Went back to the original 15 songs and got SS and S on every one. I promise I’m not trying to brag, what I’m trying to say is this game is absolutely amazing and deserved your time. And if you give it time and just enjoy the experience, you will have an enjoyable and not too hard platinum. But if you rush it, you will get frustrated and might lose your faith in completing it. Good luck all of you and stay healthy!
  7. I also need Kenny! And any help on some urgent would be nice to. I’ll be on all week XD41INUYASHA
  8. Still need all multiplayer trophies! Hit me up. Ive been adding people but they are finishing quicker than hell
  9. Looking for a boosting partner for this weekend. Arizona time zone but i should be available all sat and sunday afternoon. Hit me up.
  10. Hey everyone I just thought I would send you my guide I just finished on our sister site xbox achievements. Enjoy!!! https://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=690199
  11. If you are looking for easy plat or a trophy hunter, this game is far more difficult that what's written in guide. I only need one more trophy for my plat. But even so, I still have to say that this game was extremely frustrating once I got to the arenas. Please take this as advice, I'm a huge infamous fan, if I wasn't then I would of never bought this game with the kind of frustration it gave me. But if you like a challenge, then believe me, you will get it lol.
  12. I held off buying this game until a few days ago because I figured combat looked unpolished and content seemed light and repetitive. So I finally gave in and purchased it for 15 bucks on sale. And just wow, awesome combat and very addictive game. There is actually a lot of content and j adventure is pretty cool. Plus I was playing online with a friend and tag teaming AI on the hardest difficulty, whether we won or lost I found myself and my friend laughing and having fun. The hours just flew by. Anybody else who was a skeptic like me, I hope this helps push you to pick it up and give it a try. I will for sure day one the next one if it ever gets made.
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