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  1. If you get it let me know. Do you have Modern warfare 2

  2. Actually I finished but thanks mate. I have DLC and could help you if you're up for it.

  3. I'll get it and will just try for the fuck of it. I heard the series was good. Also I have two TVs, a headset, a stereo, and a phone as well as a game boy to occupy during inactivity.
  4. Aiight. But PRTM quit trophy hunting we can probably convince him to join the crew

  5. Just saw you need 10 for plat, and 2 mp ones left. You're close I guess it was worthwhile by the sudden shift and devotion. Congratulations mate.

  6. Yea idk which either. They said MK may get the boot but no confirmation or declination have occurred as of yet. I wish they would just announce something you know?


    Also why wait until now to finish?

  7. If anyone is interested in setting up wager matches lobbies let me know. Hard to find a game now.
  8. Can't be 100% certain, as sometimes they drop a sequel out of the blue with many years having it been delayed.
  9. Added you already and we'll be using 2 controllers each. if you have only one, i'll ask my other friend to help too.

  10. I miss it so...if we're doing this then i'll partake, as i enjoy playing this solo or with a friend or friends and have some good memories. Wager matches I'm also down for, but you'll be kicked if you look like you're boosting or have a huge group. My bud and i used to demote like crazy, he had a score of 30 to my 25 every time and everyone was screaming their arse off like a little kid begging us to stop doing that. He got a tomahawk kill in the last 4 seconds demoting the top player XD
  11. Yea about that...im broke mate.

  12. PST: Roronora_Zoro666 PSN: same as above Trophy: Blowtorch and Corkscrew-World at War Card in spoiler
  13. If its Black Ops combat training then yes.... Otherwise I'm not interested
  14. Playstation 4, PlayStation 3 Trophies, News, Guides & Forums at PlaystationTrophies.org The difficulty ratings vary. Like in Skate 2. It is marked as a 6 because of the knowledgeable people in it even though its widely based on skill deserving an 8. And Skate 3 is a 5 which is 10 times easier than 2 and should be a 4. 8/2=4. Besides no matter how you rate it, people always ruin it by posting their feelings towards, hence the opinionated voting involved. And there are people who follow the crowd knowing it should be less or more than average. Then there are some who just voted 1 or 10 ignorantly. Me being one of em at times.
  15. That's optional. Not mostly though. Easier if you have a good partner.
  16. Hehe all trophies can be earned in split screen but easier online. Although solo is ideal for most. Sorry my guide confused you
  17. Thank you mate. I'll send a message to you later today.

  18. Already got trophy I only need tripled and not dying. Thanks btw. I'll still help you with Borderlands 2 though. Also, you still got Brütal Legend?

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