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  1. am playing on Hardcore-Mode to get the trophy "beat the game on Hardcore-Mode". how do i quickly unlock story missions?
  2. "While in Germany, '88' is widely known as 'Heil Hitler' because H is the 8th letter in the alphabet."


  3. hm, oh appearently it is already deleted. Sorry for noticing your comment so late

  4. Oh well I dont even have the game so i dont have the platinum either.
  5. Yes I do was the platinum of this game. Do you was the platinum of this game?
  6. Because it is crystal. I'd say it is the most important crystal in FFXIII. Or at least I don't see any other important crystals in the game. Except crystallized Serah and Dajh, which would be stupid as a trophy design.
  7. Should I buy this game? It looks interesting.
  8. Hmm no i think it was Nora herself who shot at that robot with a rocket launcher. but before that, Lightning and Sazh fought it yes. Nora is responsible for her death but Hope cant accept it. Nora decided to help NORA. Snow even tried to stop her.
  9. He's just some random guy who was suspected to be the Origami Killer.
  10. I dont remember why Lake Bresha was crystallized, but I doubt that Orphans death resulted in Cocoons crystallization. Because it was not Orphans goal to crystallize Cocoon, he wanted to destroy it. It must have been Ragnarök who crystallized Cocoon. We dont know about Ragnarök's powers, maybe he can control crystal. After all, Ragnarök is supposedly the 2nd most powerful thing in the world (#1: The maker). Ragnarök is stronger than L'Cie, Cie'th, Fal'Cie,..... We dont know. Maybe we will hear more about Ragnarök in FF Versus XIII
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