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  1. Hi free. Just busy with life unfortunately. Not a lot of gaming time these days. Still getting some in where I can though. Hope you're well mate.

  2. Platinum #100: GTA: San Andreas http://i.psnprofiles.com/games/44ef8e/trophies/1Lbe2d37.png The Key to San Andreas Unlock all trophies Second time platinumed this game. By far my favourite game of all time so am really happy to make it platinum 100.
  3. Congrats mate, great game. You're smashing out the plats lately, good work
  4. Great effort everyone When I checked with a week or so to go, I wouldn't have thought we would get so close. I didn't have much time to participate, but I did what I could. Hopefully we reach the goal next time if the event is run again.
  5. Yeah happens all the time. My gaming is never consistent and goes through phases. Most of the time I sit down to play something but then have no interest so I end uo doing othet stuff. Most of my time of late has been dedicated to renovating a house I just bought, fixing up the gardens or plating with out new puppy. I get far mkre enjoyment out of other things in my life. I will always game, but it is getting less and less. I only need a couple hours a week these days.
  6. Sad to see Warbear go. Her guides were part the reason why I started writing guides so hopefully we will see her write a few more now that she is off the GT. Big shoes to fill for the staff!
  7. PSN: dcollins22 Game 100%: Not A Hero Link: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/4230-not-a-hero/dcollins22 Time: 1 year 1 month 4 weeks Z: Good!
  8. PSN: dcollins22 Game: Goat Simulator 100% completion time: 1 year 7 months 3 weeks Link: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/3765-goat-simulator/dcollins22 Game: Firewatch 100% completion time: 1 year 1 month 1 week Link: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/4295-firewatch/dcollins22 Z: Both are good!
  9. I like New Zealand. They play the best rugby by far and we both know they are the best team in the world. I only need to remind you of the last world cup do I not? The biggest test for England would be New Zealand in New Zealand. If they can pull that off then well done to them, but I don't see that happening any time soon. Australian rugby is in a massive whole at the moment, just like England has been for the past 5 years leading up to the world cup. The sport is growing much in Australia and we lack any depth at the top level.
  10. That was a good win against Scotland. But still, it isn't much of a record if you haven't played and beat the best team in the world. I wish England were playing New Zealand this year as that would be a true test for England. Lookong forward to the Lions tour later this year. Hoping for another white wash like the last time they toured New Zealand
  11. After just getti g the plat for this game yesterday, I'm interested to see how this new update goes. The new trophies sound interesting as well.
  12. After finishing the plat for No Man's Sky I have just started Rise of the Tomb Raider. Really enjoying it so far. However, I just noticed the DLC trophies for No Man's Sky so might go back and finish those next.
  13. Great guide guys When I eventually get the game once the price has significantly dropped, this guide will be very useful Thanks for all your hard work.
  14. Finished Until Dawn earlier this week and now plan on getting back into No Mans Sky over the coming days/ week.
  15. I just got the platinum for Until Dawn. I did my first playthrough blind and managed to keep everyone alive. I didn't worry too much about collectibles. The first playthrough took about 10 hours and the my second playthrough from Episode 6 took me about 4 using a guide to ensure I killed everyone. So all up you are looking at around 10-15 hours depending on the outcome of your first playthrough. You may need to do two full playthroughs which will make the platinum around 20+ hours. Goodluck.
  16. Platinum #96: Until Dawn Really enjoyed this game. Didn't expect much going into it. Story wasn't the best, but the graphics and characters were great.
  17. Platinum #95: Dark Souls Fantastic game and it was sad to finally finish it. Looking forward to DS2, DS3 and Bloodborne when I get around to playing those as well.
  18. Cheers free. Yeah I am having fun. Hope you are as well :)

  19. Do you need my help with Die Rise again? I am currently halfway through my NG+ playthrough of Dark Souls. Can definitely see the difference in difficulty but nothing too bad just yet.
  20. Dark Souls. About 100 hours in and still on my first playthrough. Very addicted at the moment!
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