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  1. If you purchased a regular Switch, don't overlook the dock on your Switch! Playing any game with a Pro Controller, docked on the television is definitely better. However, playing 'Don't Drink & Drive' with buddies at an airport bar and four Joy Con's is always going to be top tier. Definitely one of my all-time favorite console purchases.
  2. I'm a huge Hunt: Showdown fan, but play exclusively on PC. I was thinking of getting some of my console buddies into the game, and picking it up next time it hits a sale on console. Unfortunately, from the console streams I've watched, and the comments I see on the Reddit, Facebook, and Discord, the console version differs vastly in many ways. The primary example being the way combat is played out - it seems like it's generally melee, explosive, or shotgun based, as aiming with the sticks seems too hard for many players. Furthermore, when playing ranked, the ranking is very spread out, and so once you hit 4-5 star, you're playing many 'half-full' servers. What do the players here think? As a huge fan, I don't really care either way, and playing with my buddies will be fun enough for sure. I just wanted to see what people thought here. On a side note, if anyone here also owns the game on Steam, feel free to reply here or message me directly - I'm always looking for more people to play with, and have a very hefty group of friends that play, so we'd be happy to have you join! Also willing to help out newbies!
  3. I wasn't sure whether or not to put this in 'Handhelds' or 'PC Gaming' so I opted for this one, haha. Wow, it has been quite some time since I've logged in here! Lots of big time changes, like, BIG time, but they've turned out alright, and I've even got a few extra scheckles in my pocket now too - which, in turn, led me to put down a deposit on the top tiered Steam Deck! While I really have no real serious need for it, I couldn't help myself. I already have a gaming PC, gaming laptop, and a Switch, so my PC and handheld needs are pretty well squared away. I've never been known for my smart spending and great decision making, so come October, I'll hopefully be the owner of a brand new Steam Deck! Has anyone purchased one? They finally started rolling out deliveries for the earliest pre-orders and it looks like its being fairly well received! If you got one, what are some of the pro's and con's that you've found? Are you pleased with your purchase? If you haven't gotten one, do you have a deposit down for one? Do you plan on putting a deposit down? Waiting for more information and reviews to surface? Waiting for the Dock or more overall support from Valve and third parties? Don't plan on getting one? Mine should be shipping sometime during Q3 of this year, so fingers crossed I have it around October, in time for my birthday!
  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. While not a "traditional" board games, For the King, Armello, and Blood Bowl are great strategy games that play like board games. For the King being my absolute favorite of those - I've sunk a good amount of time into the campaigns with friends. HIGHLY recommended.
  6. Well I wasn't expecting this, haha. Looks like this will be the first one without Eugene Levy, which isn't surprising. I can't imagine this will be anything short of awful.
  7. Well, since this thread already got a pretty hefty necro, and it's a good topic, I figured I'd chime in. Personally, I think that Max Payne 3 aged incredibly well, stands the test of time as a linear story-based shooter, and doesn't need a remaster at all. I think it's odd that games are getting remasters as much as they are... Especially stuff like Bulletstorm and Red Faction. Games like those didn't release well, didn't age well, and no one really gives a shit about them. Then we have rumors of Battlefield 3 remasters and discussions about games like this being remastered, and I wonder what the reason behind it is. It's funny - I've never seen this thread, but my friend and I have recently been playing BF3 again, and during the Steam Summer Sale, my buddy bought MP3, so this exact topic game up. I played through it about a year ago for the first time, and was blown away with how well it aged. Playing on PC likely has a good amount to do with that, at least graphically, but gameplay-wise, it definitely held up. Man, headshots in that game are so incredibly sastisying, hahaha.
  8. It's much simpler than you'd expect. There are many resources out there, but even something as simple as WikiHow's picture walkthrough is enough. Right now is a pretty awful time to invest in a custom build though, as prices are super fucky with the current world-wide climate. Keep in mind, a lot of good sites such as Tiger Direct or Newegg offer bundle discounts... Things like, buy this MoBo and bundle a CPU or GPU for a specific discounted price, buy RAM and bundle coolers for a specific discounted price, etc. Keep an eye out for things like that for sure. If your issue also involves finding good builds, there are tons of resources out there such as benchmark sites, build sites (specifically the one linked previously in this thread - pcpartpicker is great), etc. If you have any questions, though I don't log on here nearly as much as I'd like to anymore, feel free to hit me up!
  9. Small "upgrade" from the laptop I posted previously. Was pretty much a piece of shit out of the box. Went through three laptops in between now and then... I don't think I'll ever invest in a high-end laptop ever again - this shit was a headache. Now I know why I've always stuck with the "stay away from prebuilts and laptop" mantra. I figured that 10 years of saying that, maybe shit has changed... It hasn't, hahaha. ... I don't know what kind of quality control these companies have for their laptops, but fuck! Two ASUS laptops later, (and a Dell that I purchased by mistake, thinking it was the 120hz monitor model, but it was the 60hz), I've finally landed on the MSI GS66 Stealth. The worst part is, I'm generally a big Asus supporter! Still am, they make incredible monitors and other products, but I'm not impressed with the two laptops I've owned. Anywho, GS66 is as follows - i7-10750H Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 MaxQ 16GB DDR4 1TB NVMe SSD 240hz monitor @ 1920x1080 Much happier with this guy, but it was several hundred more, considering the Asus was on sale. Nearly the same MSRP between the two though.
  10. While admittedly, I'm excited, I couldn't quite tell you why. Outside of taking my pictures over to Blockbuster and having them printed out, Pokemon Snap had to be one of the dumbest games of all time... I don't know why the hell I enjoyed it, hahaha. Will likely be buying this though because I'm a good for nothing born-again Nintendo cuckold.
  11. Super ecstatic. It's been rumored for a long time now that Atlus would be bringing more and more of their stuff to PC. I'm over the moon! I'm holding off for just a bit though - I spent a decent chunk with EA dropping a massive load of games onto Steam and the Steam Summer Sale drops in five days. Will have to see what all I snag for that before dropping $20 on a new release. Also currently through 29 backlog games this year, so backlog clearing has been a big priority.
  12. Eye of the Beholder D&D Trilogy is free on GOG.
  13. Super stoked. When I heard it was announced, I went back to the game, as I never properly finished it. Because of this though, I'll be waiting for a steep sale on this game much longer down the road.
  14. Hi Tussell have a great summer

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