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  1. 1/10 with a guide, 2/10 without even so, most of the puzzles are quite obvious <5 hours, a really short game I've enjoyed it, I hope they do a chapter 2.
  2. This might be incredibly handy, just began the game today and even on easy they're kicking my butt. Thanks for the tips!
  3. ~50 hours playing most of the platinum casually with a friend (that at the same time, is really casual) trying to get most of the collectibles by sheer observation and no guides, but if you use them this would be a 30-35hrs platinum more or less
  4. 4/10 Apocalypse difficulty is a joke after you grab all the collectables, and you can exploit the glith for the leviathan creature core (if done properly, this could be a 6/10) The game is mostly a 3/10, but the "Defeat Moloch without taking damage" trophy can be a bit annoying until you understand the boss mechanics.
  5. 7/10 For the never give up this is the path I followed: 1.rifle to full power, money 2.keep upgrading the rifle, grenade launcher (this will be your main "big guys" killer) 3.money 4.turrets 5.armor 6.mines 7.health (medkit) <-- the health route also gives you a lot of money 8.whatever you want, I chose grenades 9. health
  6. Ok, now I went after the ps4 version (same old trophies + the Road of devastation dlc ones) and omg, the Never give up trophy can be quite challenging. So 7/10 for the PS4 version, or the 100%. I got addicted because I'm still loving this old game, and as I was enjoying it I felt tempted to give it a 6, but is still challenging even if the experience of trial&error helps. You can do it the savage way as displayed on many yt videos, or defensively cleaning basically everything, this is the path I followed: 1.rifle to full power, money 2.keep upgrading the rifle, grenade launcher (this will be your main "big guys" killer) 3.money 4.turrets 5.armor 6.mines 7.health (medkit) <-- the health route also gives you a lot of money 8.whatever you want, I chose grenades 9. health PD aw shoot didnt realize there's a sepparate forum for the ps4 version. Oh well. Maybe this can still help ps3/vita players if they go for the dlc.
  7. Doomposting aside, I can't understand this game is so, so unknown. The game is a fine mixture of old arcade games were you had to achieve an objective each level (1 level=1 screen) and a sliiight touch of starcraft, with space marines and buildings, in a really casual way though. But altogether is quite fun, way more if you are looking to 3star each level with a friend. Can't understand that Overcooked gets so many fans, and this little gem is so unappreciated 😕
  8. Even after all this time, sometimes I met players that distracted me out of the collectibles farming. I suggest to disconnect your console from the network so if you have ADHD like me, you can do it without worries lol
  9. 6-10 hours and half of it will be trying to find randoms. But can be done even in 2022, after so many years.
  10. 2/10 Nothing hard, you just need patience if you want the endgame trophies in case you are unlucky with randoms.
  11. 3/10 Once you understand the combat mechanics, the game becomes quite accesible. Until then, until you get most of the abilities and how they work, the experience can be seen as a bit boring, even bland. It might take a few hours to take off. And after it does, transistor is a really fun game, you can take many different approaches to the battles, and some of the combinations you can do are quite broken. The most challenging trophy is Risk() with the 10 limiters, I suggest this route of action: - highly recommended to do when you have almost everything unlocked, and all the mem slots available (after lvl 15 maybe?) - save your game (you can do it after using the combat setup machines). If you don't feel confident you can upload your savegame to the cloud. - A good combination to use with the 10 limiters, is Void + Flood + Crash x3 to weaken and slightly stun the enemy with the turn mechanic, and Spam Jaunt + Spark + Purge out of the turn mechanic as you see convenient. Purge works as a dot that will kill your enemies gradually, and also works great against small dangerous targets like the annoying exploding heads. - if the battle is too hard and you're getting your ass severely kicked (for example you only have one skill left to die and there's still a lot of strong enemies around), restart the game so you can reload. Don't wait to lose to restart that combat because that might damage your skills, making it an uphill battle. - as it will be quite easy for you to lose one or more skills after each victory (you are severely handicapped with the 10 limiters, after all) feel free to remove the limiters after winning each time so you can move forward until your abilities are repaired. And then, you repeat the full process. Fortunately the 5 victories don't need to be consecutive.
  12. 11-15 hours, and plenty of that time will be fulfilled doing the tests, the campaign is really short.
  13. 3/10 As you don't need to do the purple stunt challenges, the rest of the challenges are quite easy and, more often than not, dumb. Wayyyy easier than JC2 or JC3.
  14. 4/10 with the guide on this site. A lot of missables that require a lot of plannification, it's not Atelier Rorona though. Even so, please consider this game has skill checks similar to rpgs from the nineties, plenty of them, get used to watch the loading screen A LOT for your retries. That alone can get frustrating. 51-75 hours. It took me a bit less of 60 hours, playing 3 runs, the 1st for total fun with no guides and playing on hardcore, the rest on normal. You could do it with just 1 run and a lot of save scumming, but it will be way more frustrating and unfun, unless it's a 2nd platinum (which I plan to do with the ps5 version).
  15. Ok, this sucks. I was a trophy away of celebrating the platinum, "What Body?", and when I was ending my 3rd run... there is no option for me to choose where I can say I didn't even touch the corpse 🤨what the f-... Here is my quest just before ending the game: https://i.imgur.com/hdXqqU1.jpeg This is so frustrating. I'm quite sure I didn't even take a look at it. EDIT - ok, solved. I'm not from an english speaking country, and I finished the game playing in spanish (switched languages before doing the photo). Looks like in spanish the sentence wasn't crystal clear, but now, ending the game in english, I understood completely the option I had to click. Phew!!
  16. I feel like this game is one of those ones that are a masterpiece to play one time, feeling its story and narrative... ...but at the same time, is a real chore to platinum. There are plenty of missables and the load times are dreadful on ps4 pro + SSD. And you need to save/load A LOT if you don't want to lose the best dialogues and options in the story. Cannot imagine how mortifying must be to platinum this on a regular ps4 with its original 5400 rpm HDD.
  17. 2/10 You can play with the lowest difficulty and if you die, the game replenishes all your team's HP and SP... so your character dying helps more than annoys lol If you have some experience with P3/P4 or the vanilla P5, you should have an idea of how to raise stats and confidents and that shouldn't be a problem for you. There's no need for a guide beyond a few steps for the true ending and knowing which confident to raise. But it basically reduces to this: and that's it.
  18. 86 hours total Had a lot of experience playing and replaying P3 and P4, so I didn't waste much more time than needed when raising stats and confidents Didn't skip dialog, but have played some VNs in the past and I read quite quickly
  19. Umm hard to say because for some reason I love this little franchise. And when you love something, is hard to qualify its "difficulty". But... 7/10 - the survival skills can be quite punishing at first, after the tutorial (when you leave Kovac) - there is an annoying bug that closes your game, when you are on the last quarter of the game. If you can, try to save often. I was playing on Ironman with a buddy, and after a really hard time killing lots of zombies and dying and killing, the game broke, we went back like 1 hour, and my friend didn't want to continue lol - unless you are a really good player, be ready to die a lot - challenges are going to kick your ass, but they are more about knowledge than skill. Explore, find the weapons available, remember where the bigger guys are... after some tries you will be so much in control that you'll be surpassing them first try. In the end as I said, I love this hidden gem and its sequel. Nice mix of survival and zombie themes.
  20. I spent ~40 hours, didn't use guides to find things except for half of the flowers and played with a friend mainly in relax mode, exploring everything without rushing. In the end it was something like 20H on easy with all the collectibles 5-10H doing the challenges 10H on Ironman with the inventory trick
  21. Try medium and, when you fly high enough to get to the highway with many lanes, stay there. That place is easier to plan where you want to land while having a good view of all the cars that are coming your direction.
  22. 3/10 Let's bounce and having to surf on a car are more annoying than hard, as luck is severely involved. The rest of the trophies are a total grindfest. This is one of those platinums where you do need to collect everything in the sandbox, luckily all of it is marked in the map, besides, it even gives you a *TIP* as the icon will be enlightened to give you a hint that you are at the same height as the collectible. So, is quite forgiving. In the end I felt sometimes this game is like an unofficial game of "superman in hell with weapons and altered powers: What If": flying around is both amazing and relaxing, well, after you get rid of all the turrets of course.
  23. In the end it disappointed me. The game is a bit bland and you are going to need a guide for the collectables because too many of them can be confused with the environment, that's a PITA for a diablo clone. Many regular enemies have too much HP even if you improve your weapons, something you should do every 2-3 levels at least, somehow making the game not epic but tedious. Cannot even recommend it, there are way funnier diablolikes out there for ps4.
  24. I'll vote a 5, but I took my time (115 hours ugh) Used zero glitches or exploits, the collectables are a PITA (had to use the german & polish guides at Steam lol, btw, they are very well illustrated), you need to change your weapon and armor as soon as you can (always go green numbers) at the shops and you will be fine. When going for the new game + I suggest picking the bow branch as your main but as soon as you can, grab the 2H one, its skill where you can gain HP while you are enraged is really useful. So combat mainly with bows, and swap to 2H when your rage bar is full. About valhalla, grind what you feel will keep you safe and upload your savegame to the cloud as much as you want.
  25. I don't know how but it took a bit more of 100 hours, at least that's what exophase says.
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