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  1. Here's exactly how to get the trophy for essentially "doing everything". I've tested many theories out and I'll tell you what exactly works. Note, I got my trophy on October 7th, 2019. First, complete the campaign on any difficulty. Second, plan to do the rest in one sitting. The campaign is the only thing with saved/tracked progress, so everything else has to be done in the same session without quitting back to the PS3 menu. Here's what I did: 3 co-op maps, can be done online or with 2 controllers. Please note, if you do it online, the Host is the one who gets the credit for the completion of the map. 3 single player survival maps - just finish wave 1 and let the game tell you that Wave 2 is beginning. Don't quit out, let them kill you when you're done. Afterwards, press circle to go back to the main menu, and ignore the warning about not saving progress. 1 single player Prologue - do it on Rookie. On the final scoreboard screen for whatever is your last of the 7 maps, you'll get the trophy notification. Thanks!
  2. *EDIT* I'm done with this game's multiplayer, thanks to finding a small group to boost with
  3. I'm done with this game, thanks to some wonderful kindness from a fellow booster who offered his save file
  4. You're upgrading to Trophy assistance service for this game
  5. Hey dotcom, what's the Nomad exocraft for?
  6. Thanks, Terminator!

  7. Yep, I sent you one last night for Sunday morning
  8. Alright, just trying to make it as painless and quick as possible on Permadeath, since Doc is in such high demand Thanks for all your help Terminator I think I might just use a separate PS4 to do the update, so I can keep my old save with the old version of the software *juuuust* in case I need it.
  9. What about if I pre-loaded them into my warp drive? Or do I not need to use them in my own warp drive when I team up with doc?
  10. Hey Terminator, do you know if I craft warp cells offline using the pre-Next materials/schematics, will the crafted warp cell items remain in my inventory after I update? It seems a lot easier to craft warp cells pre-Next which is why I'm asking. Thanks
  11. Thanks! I'm pretty far into the Artemis Quest and am on like my 5th or so ship with a warp drive. I'll play offline and craft those warp cells (I have a couple, I'll make 5) and then update my game. I'll shoot you a friend request to take care of this Sunday morning. Thank you!
  12. The Artemis Quest has nothing to with going to the Centre of the Galaxy but the Atlas questline ends with a mission to go there, though it actually ends after making 16 Warp Jumps in any direction. You're better off starting a new game and running through the updated tutorial, because so much has changed that you'll be left dazed and confused if you don't.

  13. I haven't updated yet, but myself am not close to the center (does completing the Artemis quest get you to the center?) in my permadeath savestate. Would I be better off starting anew in Permadeath, getting those materials (most look new to me as I don't recognize those names), and then hitting you up for taxi service? Or would it be faster/easier for me to continue my game offline, finishing the Artemis quest (I've never finished it before) and getting to the center? I have no idea what I'm doing. I never even ever completed the Atlas quest.
  14. A long shot but I'm looking for any partners or help on this game, as of May 22, 2018. I will edit this post when I'm done with the game.
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