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  1. Anyone going for the platinum and are just beginning start with Raven and Valor and get the level 60 trophies for them. Then vet to SVER aka ez-mode. Reason being is SVER completely dominates acquisition making it very hard to make any progress in earning the medals for destroying bunkers, mortar batteries, sensor arrays, etc
  2. 8.5/10 for The Beatles Rock Band, DJ Hero 2, Rock Band 2, COD: WAW, and Brutal Legend platinums.
  3. All I said was MAG is the hardest 100% I have in my collection. I don't know about hard other games are to get 100% completion if I never played them.
  4. Are we talking about the platinum difficulty or how difficult it is to get the 100% completion ? All I know is that those indiscriminate fire ribbons were a pain for me to get considering the amount of skill needed to obtain them, and how it can take a long time to actually get into an escalation dlc game in MAG. The Road Runner trophy was also another annoying one trying to capture 3 points in a single round of interdiction.
  5. That's because once a lot of trophy hunters get the platinum in MAG they buy the JP version then they get almost all of the trophies at once including the Eager Beaver trophy . All they have to do is grind the 3 pmc playthroughs for a 2nd platinum.
  6. Heavy Rain Cold as Ice Killer's Place - Survive the explosion by hiding in the fridge http://psnprofiles.com/lib/img/games/d351ce/trophies/48L263249.png
  7. I'd say MAG. Only 440 gamers out of 69,545 have the 100% at psn profiles. Other notable mentions imo include GTA IV, RDR, and Uncharted 2.
  8. Just got my 24th platinum Resistance 2. http://www.ps3trophies.com/images/games/NPWR00291/trophies/1L286b6f.png
  9. Probably Rolling Ammo Master from Uncharted 3. 20 times in a row, pick up ammo while rolling. http://www.ps3trophies.com/images/games/NPWR01216/trophies/16Lb4a257.png
  10. I choose a PS3 over the Xbox 360, because I played the PS1 and PS2 before I got a PS3. I've always been loyal to the playstation brand, and I love the exclusives.
  11. Their is not much you can do with the money except buy weapons. Hopefully GTA V is more like Vice City, and San Andreas where you can buy houses, businesses, etc.
  12. Depends where you live. I live in the northeast US and I have found the best time for me to play is in the mornings. My timezone is -4GMT, EST and during the mornings 10 am-12 pm their are almost always 300+ players for Raven and SVER, and 200+ for Valor waiting in the queqe for Domination. That is the only time I am able to play Domination.
  13. I used to love playing this game as a kid. I haven't played it forever.
  14. 8.5/10 some impressive platinums including Wipeout HD, Killzone 2, Shadow of the Colossus, Prototype, LittleBigPlanet 1 & 2, etc. A nice collection overall.
  15. I recently got my 23rd platinum LittleBigPlanet http://www.ps3trophies.com/images/games/NPWR00160/trophies/1Lda39fd.png
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