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  1. Is Descenders 100% achievable on the latest patch?
  2. How am I supposed to press square and triangle at the same time though? My right hand only has 1 thumb! If my right thumb is on square, it's not on triangle at that moment. And if it's on triangle, it's not on square at that moment. For my right thumb to be on both those buttons at the same time, the palm of my right hand would have to be in front of the controller, which is an awkward position.
  3. Anyone want to do the online ranked match trophies? Add me on psn. Psn: me_is_caveman
  4. Anyone know if GTA Vice City or San Andreas platinums are achievable in the Definitive Edition?
  5. Would be nice if they add an in-game 100% checklist for those wanting to complete everything.
  6. Looks like the Definitive Edition now comes with a 100% San Andreas trophy! Now I'll have an incentive to spray all gang tags and pick up all oysters and do Zero's side missions etc.
  7. It's HARD to have all 100%s unless you play games with easy trophies only. A completionist is also a frustrationist. Even a game with easy trophies can have a hard DLC thrown in with no warning, like Need for Speed 2015 (Prestige DLC). If you still choose to do so, be ready to try and fail at things over and over again until FINALLY!!! getting the trophy! And then after the 100% is reached, being relieved that you never have to do that shit again! To be a completionist, playing only for fun just doesn't cut it!
  8. Here's hoping Beat Saber is one of the included VR games. Been waiting for a discount on that game for a while.
  9. Looking forward to doing those trophies! I feel like Eric Cartman when he wanted to freeze himself in time so he wouldn't have to wait for GTA Chinatown Wars to come out
  10. I guess Rockstar is too lazy to make GTA 6 smh. They'd rather milk the old games until its udder is dragging on the ground. What a shame, I enjoyed the GTA series.
  11. I don't lose interest in games because it's the only thing I can think to spend my time on. I don't have any other ideas of what to do with my time besides playing games. It's part of who I am.
  12. Awesome! They saved my account! Still kinda sucks that I have to buy the same game again, but at least the trophy is achievable! 😀
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