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  1. Stop by when you can. Take Care...

  2. Thanks for the happy birthday wishes! Sorry for the late response. I don't get on here often anymore. I miss the site though.

  3. Never mind. Infamous difficulty has been overblown. It's actually not that bad.
  4. Hey Zach, Happy Birthday. Hope that you are doing well.

  5. Are all gems and eggs required for platinum? I know 100 eggs are needed for Sorceress.... but I don't see anything more needed for platinum.
  6. Is the assist mode always going to unlock trophies? I'm thinking about getting this game because I've heard it's pretty amazing. Just worried they might patch it so you need to do "harder version" to get trophies. Basically I'm not sure if the developers intended for trophies to unlock either way. Regardless, thanks for the awesome trophy guide!
  7. Any word on the batch of the next additional feat trophies being available?
  8. I can see both sides to this. However, it doesn't bother me because I know even if I was on equal footing, I wouldn't be the first to get any platinum. I think I've only ever platinumed one game first on my old account. It was Turbo on the PS3 and the only reason i was first was because Harry94 (I think?) was making videos on the trophies so it slowed him down lol. ONLY reason I beat him haha.
  9. You can even play Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Revelations, and 3 all on the ps3 with little to no issue. But an AC ps4 game? Nope can't do that!
  10. I can't believe they never patched this..... Getting disconnected from EVERY match.
  11. Because in a few days, it's been 2 months since anyone has seen it.
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