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  1. I played this game in Classic mode, almost completed it. Gameplay was quite entertaining, controls, story and et cetera are ok, but the game while being fun to complete (..almost..) once is not perfect, so here is my opinion on it 1. This is not a metroidvania game, it is just side-scrolling exploration game with rpg elements. After tutorial you will gain no new abilities that would allow you to traverse to previously unreachable locations. Except from Center area every area can (and need to) be explored to 100% from the moment you reach it, and new areas are unlocked simply by collecting keys. It is not a serious flaw, but I had to mention it. 2. After death you loose all your "money". Considering there are places with insta-death traps.. you just have to spend currency asap and grind it in safe spots separately from progressing the story. It is not fun and unnecessary Dark Souls design borrowed. 3. Upgrades. They are of two types Collectable items that buff your stats, they are ok. However Skill Tree is quite strange. There are skills like Double Jump (remind me, why wouldn't I take it? Why it is not some story-based upgrade to enable access to a new location?) and skill that increases your damage after standing still for some time (only useful against 1 boss). I had hard time spending my Skill points as most of abilities are lackluster.. Oh, one more point, there are no respecs, if you messed things by accidental click, like I did, then restart. 4. The only thing that makes you backtrack are "hidden souls" thing, essentially some secret in almost every area. But they are more annoying than fun, and some rather un-intuitive, I just ended Alt-Tabing to guide to not to waste my time. 5. Final Boss battle is just.. survival against mass of enemies which is closer to Tohou. Unless you use some cheesy weapons it ends to be annoying, especially since you have to quit the game to restart it properly. Overall it is rather anticlimactic experience. I am not hunting for trophies/achievements on PC. But trophywise this is going to be a long road. You need to complete no-damage alarms, which are missable, complete game on hard (including the rescuing Decker mission, where boss one-shots you even on easy), complete game again on classic/survival, complete side missions, don't miss other missable stuff like killing punks.. well, I'll skip that one on PS4, as while it was fun to play for some time, it isn't fun enough for me to keep me playing it to Plat.
  2. Already bought it. Haven't played though, waiting for a guide.
  3. It is hard for me to judge the game objectively as I feel deceived by game developer (yet again). Instead of making new game they use some corporate necromancy to publish new game under the old brand. Original God of War series was the reason (ok, one of two, other is MGS series) I went in to console gaming. God of War III was my first Platinum. Most of the GoW games I finished on 4th difficulty, not for sake of trophies but for gameplay reasons. Now, is this new God of War actually a God of War? Controls changed. Camera angle changed. No jumping or double jumping. Dodge is rather lame now. Actually, combat now is more like Darksiders I. Character development changed. Now you can upgrade your main weapon only when story allows you to, not when you got enough red orbs. Because weapon components. Now you can socket things, borrowed from Darksiders I again. Open world. More or less. Map reminds of Darksiders I. Again. Collectibles. Puzzles relying on homing freezing axe, how do other people travel here? "Kratos" is not Kratos we knew. Atreus and constant interactions with him remind me of Last of Us. Whole setting changed. I had mediocre expectations toward this game, like "setting is changed because they needed a new game and kid is here because Cory couldn't hold his family issues out of game he make, but at least I expect good old GoW combat", but game shattered even them. I would be less offended if they made a new game with new character, but it is clear they want money more than to keep my feelings. It is a new game, and only things left are Kratos, Blades of Chaos (yes, his iconic weapon is gained after half of game. Also probably they forgot Kratos lost Blades of Chaos at the end of GoW 1, and used Athena's Blades in GoW II and Blades of Exile in GoW III. Attention to detail: no one cares) and Athena, and all of them look out of place. I'd rate it 6/10 without taking brand-rape in mind (2-3/10 if you are GoW fan who expected good old GoW gameplay), and I am surprised people rate it 10. Probably it is another case of "that pop song everyone likes, which you find to be meh".
  4. http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/news/boosting1.png Trophy Boosting Thread Refer to the Trophy Guide and Roadmap What your post should at least include (but not limited to): Your PSN ID Online trophies you're wanting to boost Your time zone To make everyone's life easier during boosting, please ensure you're familiar with the methods used to boost this game before you start. If the boosting method requires a group to be organized and set up, please keep all discussions and planning in the boosting thread. Please do not create another thread. __________________________________________________ Boosting Method: __________________________________________________
  5. What pedestal? No one here said things like that. I liked Darksiders I (combat was not as smooth as GoW actually, trust me as I completed GoW series several times over starting from PS2, all games except for III and Ascension on max difficulty) as it had it's own unique feel Darksiders II was worse (it looked like MMORPG project suddenly turned single player, and the story was kind of.. irrelevant) but at least it was playable, and in many ways similar to the first part. Darksiders III, I wouldn't tire to repeat it even if everyone defending the game tries to ignore it, completely flushed down the toilet the idea of the series in favour of Dark Souls approach. You are playing a Horseman of Apocalypse, not some nameless corpse, and idea that some random undead skeleton takes more than half of your healthbar in one hit is as appropriate as bowsette porn in family Mario game.. oh well, this idea was too hard even for developers. Still better than Darksouls clone for me.
  6. Same move was in DMC series, so people won't just pass through game throwing resources. Anyway it seems that Darksiders 3 is full of bad "borrowed" decisions.
  7. Different title, I assume? I perfectly accept that such mechanic is viable, and can be used in Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Nioh, Lords of the Fallen and et cetera. And just avoid buying that games, they are not to my taste. Same way Souls fans can be not very fond of God of War or DMC series and will be quite unhappy if they purchase Dark Souls 4 only to discover that it suddenly became GoW clone because devs decided "oh-my-this-new-GoW-reboot-sold-so-well".
  8. Ok, my final reply before I move on. I tried to cool down, and actually do something so I could say to myself that I tried, not whined. I progressed to Wrath (the first battle with no trophy), had my rear handed to me, several times. It was very "enjoying" if someone is interested, every time I lost I had to wait for loading screen and then travel from my last bonfire, learning boss patterns with such journeys makes me happy. Then I decided to grind a bit, leveled to 15, invested everything in to Arcane Attack, because it benefits counter-attacks and Havoc mode. Should I point that Wrath basically only allows you to it him with 1-2 weak basic attacks, counters Rage Attack or Havoc mode attacks? Thus choice was obvious. And after Wrath was defeated I got new weapon, new abilities and new location. In this location was Skeleton Generals from previous games, who literally kill me with one charge attack, and I'll point one thing out, I am like Lv 15-16, all my lelvelups invested in attack and it is still not enough. How am I supposed to level health? Especially when prices rise after each levelup (and benefits diminish by the way). So, to keep it short I progressed. Slowly (as, for example, devs implemented some anti-DS-tricks buttons that don't allow you to simply run past the monsters). And a long-forgotten feeling returned, that I am not playing a game for my enjoyment, but doing some hated job, which I had when played Dead Space 2 with 3 saves limit. Unless devs patch this game or there would be a glitch that allows to complete the game on more enjoyable setting, I'm dropping it. I waited for this game, preordered and now I feel deceived as a I received a Dark Souls clone (as if there weren't enough of them). For final words I would not recommend to buy it to any Darksiders fan, better go with Gate of Memories games, they depict Horsemen of Apocalypse (well, they are called Messengers of the End, but idea is similar) much better gameplay-wise.
  9. Sadly, it seems it was their first intention to make a Dark Souls game, I really doubt they would address it in any patch. Most likely they will ignore it or say something like "git good" or "play on no-trophy difficulty".
  10. How so? DSII, sadly, was like single-player MMORPG, but it played similarly. You didn't had to recover your souls, there were checkpoints and your character actually at least felt somehow powerful without having literally no health reserve and having to deal with tight invulframe windows.
  11. It is a pity that THQ Nordic abandoned their own game in favour of making another Dark Souls clone. I never played any Souls-genre games more than 30 minutes or such, but it is clear that Darksiders 3 went the same way. No checkpoints, you respawn at "bonfire". All souls are lost upon death and have to be re-collected (added bonus: sometimes they unexplainably disappear, which I address to a bug) Character literally have no health and dies in 1-2 hits (did anyone among devs considered that stealing DS ideas to the game where you supposed to be playing a Horseman of Apocalypse is kind of bad decision?) Now you have health flask which uses charges and have unnecessary animation. Souls are consumed for leveluping, which grants one attribute point to spend on one of three stats (DS lite). The only thing it is missing is Stamina bar (at least something had to be left unbroken). Also no armours, which makes it closer to Bloodborne. I don't understand why do developers spit in the face of their fan base just to appeal to another audiences. Especially the people who pre-ordered it instead of to lie in wait and wait for trustworthy reviews. Honestly, I wish I could have a money back.
  12. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/195.jpg The Gate of Memories Defeat the Secret Boss MISSABLE To defeat the Secret Boss you have to open the Inner Halls of Arcane (Secret Room trophy) and open the central passage after collecting all five Nameless Memories. Creature on the throne inside will give you quest to find five of its' friends and provide location to them, which I will post below for ease: Demon Bird Mask: Laberyntos Shaman Mask: Exterior Wall Knight Mask: Mansion Basement Strange Mask: Outskirts of the Village Cat Mask: Etheldrea's Mansion After you talk with all five, creature will ask you to kill it so attack it until it is out of life points, boss fight will start after that. I should point that boss fight is quite tough, thus I recommend doing it as late as possible so you have the best gear and maximum level obtainable. Also better do it on your first playthrough, as on New Game Plus I'd give this fight difficulty is 10/10. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/fd6.jpg Ultimate Power Reach Level 16 You will reach Level 16 through normal play, during your New Game Plus playthrough so there's no need to grind this out. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/f33.jpg Grand Maister Get the rank of Grand Maister in the Cathedral of Erynes. In the Cathedral of Erynes you will need to activate four statues and complete the combat challenges it provides. The Fourth statue lacks a sword so before activating it, you have to purchase the sword from Velez (it will be in stock after you find at least one Velez Seal). http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/777.jpg Chatting with Death Finish all possible conversations with Death. MISSABLE When you save your game at the sarcophagus (Nexus location, lantern icon) Nameless will chat with Death for a bit. Most of dialogues are available at the beginning, with additional line added after second fight with Bearer and Ergo, reaching Fishing Village and third fight with Bearer and Ergo. This trophy is unobtainable if you are going for the Tired ending. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/512.jpg The Great Merchant Find all the fragments of Velez’s Soul. MISSABLE You need to collect three Velez Seals to reach this trophy. For the location of the two seals, see Immortal Collector. The third Seal is a NG+ exclusive but will be in plain sight at the Nexus location. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/c15.jpg The Last Name Obtain the Thanathos Nekrom To obtain the Thanathos Nekrom you need to finish all four challenge rooms in the Hall of the Lost Names. Completing three is required for the story so completing the last one won't take much time. After you complete all of them, a door will unlock in the same location and have a sword inside so go and grab it. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/85d.jpg The Secret Room Unlock the access to the Inner Halls of Arcane. You have to purchase the key from Velez, it will be in stock after you find at least one Velez Seal. After that, unlock the locked door in the Portals Hall then the trophy will pop. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/c38.jpg The One Left Behind Free the prisoner from his prison. MISSABLE In the Mansion Basement location there is a Bird Mask prisoner in the cell. Find the key for his cell in the Workshop location behind the shelf (same room as Memory) and use it to unlock the cell. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/cd3.jpg The Maker of Wonders Make Gaudemus create something for you. MISSABLE During your playthrough you will find Raw Material items (see above in the Immortal Collector). There are total four of them, you may bring them to the Bird Mask after you free him and he will craft something for you. Be warned though because he can only craft once and the more Raw Material you bring him, the better item will be so I recommend not rushing this trophy and bring three or four (great ranged attack sword) Materia to him. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/801.jpg Demon Exterminator Defeat Druaga. Story Related, cannot be missed. In the Cathedral of Erynes Central Chamber location you will find big door with Sun Seal on it, which some is knocking in from other side. Approach the door, interact with it and deactivate the Seal. You have to fight Druaga but the trophy will pop once you defeat it. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/757.jpg The Three Shadows Defeat the three guardian shadows. Story Related, cannot be missed. After you collect all five Nameless Memories, return to the Fishing Village and try to enter the door where the red seal was. It will trigger the fight with the three guardian shadows and after defeating them, the trophy will pop. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/c8e.jpg The Bearer of Calamities Defeat Ergo and The Bearer in Erynes. Story Related, cannot be missed. After defeating Rametek, his Soul will be lying in the location but collecting it will trigger the boss fight with Ergo and The Bearer. You will receive the trophy after depleting one of their life bars. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/afb.jpg Master of Puppets Defeat Nascal the Puppetmaster. Story Related, cannot be missed. Nascal Mehirim, the Puppet Master is the final boss of the Mansion of Puppets location. To reach him, you need to collect his memories (they are not hidden, just explore the rooms) and after defeating him you will receive the trophy. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/775.jpg The Red Lady Defeat Red Lady Story Related, cannot be missed. Lady will be waiting for you at the Central Body location of the Mansion of Puppets after you activate several switches located in other locations. It is hardly a boss fight but you will receive trophy as soon as she flees anyway. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/3d7.jpg The Priest of the End Defeat Rametek Story Related, cannot be missed. Rametek, The Priest of The End is the final boss of the Cathedral of Erynes location. To reach him you need to collect his memories (they are not hidden, just explore the rooms) and defeat Druaga (see Demon Exterminator) to open the door leading to his chamber. The trophy will pop after defeating him. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/00a.jpg Here is where he was born... Help the Priest of Erynes. Story Related, cannot be missed. In the Inner Chamber location you will see the door with a red seal, reach it and chat with person behind it. To open it you need to reach Garden location, complete one combat challenge there (activate statue for challenge) and return with a key. The trophy will pop after opening the door. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/0c2.jpg Nexus of Memories Reach Arcane. Story Related, cannot be missed. You will receive this trophy after first fight with Ergo and The Bearer. This battle is timed and you cannot win (even in NG+) due to the time limit so you can have fun or just avoid the fight until invisible timer ends and the trophy pops. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/b09.jpg End of the Begining Finish the prologue. Story Related, cannot be missed. You will receive this trophy after defeating the Inquisitor trio at the Gate of the Divine Hand location. This fight isn't hard, even in NG+ so don't be scared by their numerical advantage. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/7b4.jpg The Ultimate Monster Defeat Ergo and The Bearer in the Nexus. Story Related, cannot be missed. After completing all three levels and defeating the bosses you will have their Souls. Using these Souls activate the pillars so the chains holding the Byblos (the book) will be broken. Interact with the book to trigger the boss fight. As in previous fight, you will receive the trophy after depleting one of their life bars. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/2ff.jpg The Nameless Memory... Defeat the Shadow of the Nameless. Story Related, cannot be missed. Shadow of The Nameless is the final boss of the Fragments from Other Lives location. To reach him you need to collect his memories, (they are not hidden, just explore the rooms), defeat trio of Shadows (see The Three Shadows) and in the Hall of the Forgotten Names complete at least three challenge rooms. Each room completed will raise a platform across the chasm and at the other end of the chasm is the coffin so interact with it to remember the Nameless's first name, then return to the Beach of Memories and interact with the grave. You will receive trophy after you defeat the boss.
  13. Trophy Guide: http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/996.jpg All Trophies Obtain the other trophies. Get all of the other trophies, to pop this one. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/8c6.jpg A Secret in the Shadows... Unlock the Secret Ending. MISSABLE To unlock the Secret Ending you have to finish the game with True Ending, with the condition that you have defeated the Secret Boss. An additional cutscene will be shown at the end, then the trophy will pop. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/7f3.jpg Nothing ever truly ends Finish the game obtaining the True Ending. MISSABLE After Bearer and Ergo boss battle in Nexus, you will be presented with choice for Nameless to continue living or to die. Choose continue, then a new location will be unlocked with final boss at the end of it. After beating the boss you will receive the trophy. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/039.jpg I am so tired... Finish the game obtaining the Alternative Ending. MISSABLE After the Bearer and Ergo boss battle in the Nexus, you will be presented with choice for Nameless to continue living or to die. Choose the latter to receive the trophy. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/16f.jpg A second time in life Finish the game in New Game+. After finishing the game with any Ending (the True ending also requires to watch some scenes after the boss fight) you will be presented with the option to make a New Game Plus save. Create your NG+ save then select Continue+ from the Main Menu and play the game again with increased difficulty and choosing any Ending. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7434/2a3.jpg Immortal Collector Find all the hidden items in Arcane. MISSABLE You need to collect all purple and green fires located in the Arcane for this trophy but this trophy is unobtainable if you are going for the Tired ending. Here is a comprehensive list of items, including those in the Prologue (better take them to be sure, because the prologue items got scattered throughout game in the previous game in the series): The Old Tomb: Ki Soul Life Soul Fragment of Death Life Fragment Forgotten Caves: Life Fragment Rune of Alchemy Mountain Passage: Jared's Amulet Life Soul (talk with The Unknown) War Core Ancient Sword Life Fragment Life Fragment Armor Core ARCANE Laberyntos: Merchant Ring Nexus of Memories: Memento Mortis Inner Room (see the Secret Room trophy): Life Soul Rametek's Tomb (need to defeat Ramatek to reach): Raw Material Nascal's Tomb (need to defeat Nascal to reach): Velez seal Nameless Throne (need to collect five Nameless Memories): Life Anima The Lawgiver (after defeating the Secret Boss) Nowhere I Puzzle Piece 0 tile: Life Fragment Fragment of Death Ki Soul Soul Fragment Ki Gem Puzzle Piece I tile: Life Fragment War Core Death Anima Puzzle Piece II tile: Life Soul Fragment of Death Puzzle Piece III tile: Life Fragment CATHEDRAL OF ERYNES Inner chamber: Life Fragment Seal of Rametek Central Chamber: Sword of Erynes Armor Core Garden: Death Anima Defence Anima Meister's Amulet (appears after 2nd challenge) Protection of the Meister (appears after 3rd challenge) Murasame (appears after 4th challenge) Atrium: Ki Soul War Anima Velez Seal Exterior Wall: Life Fragment Druaga's Horn Nowhere II: Defense Anima Life Fragment Memento Thanatos MANSION OF PUPPETS Basement: Rapier Fragment of Death Soul Fragment Central body: Life Fragment Raw Material Paintings Corridor: Life Soul Magus Ring Workshop: Soul Fragment Attic: Life Fragment FRAGMENTS OF OTHER LIVES Fishing village: Ki Soul Soul Fragment Life Fragment Fragment of Death Life Soul Raw Material Chronos Sand Death Anima Life Fragment Tale of Heroes Ethel's Ring Life Fragment Soul fragment Armor Core Fragment of Death Outskirts of the village: Soul Fragment Fragment of Death Forseti's axe Armor Core Life Fragment Abaddon's Amulet Etheldrea's Mansion: Exterminator Laevatinn Life Fragment Defense Anima Beach of Memories: The Heart of John Soul Fragment Hall of Forgotten Names: War Anima Defence Anima Life Anima Life Soul Mark of the Nameless Nekrom Thanatos Departure Halls: Raw Material
  14. Overview: Estimated trophy difficulty: 7/10 (personal opinion) (Platinum Difficulty Rating) Offline trophies: 26 (10(B), 9(S), 6(G), 1(P)) Online trophies: 0 Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 12-20hrs (personal opinion), depending on skill and luck in finding the hidden items. (Estimated Time to Platinum) Minimum number of playthroughs: 2 + Clean up. There are two endings to see and A second time in life can only be done in NG+. Number of missable trophies: 8 - A Secret in the Shadows... , Nothing ever truly ends , I am so tired... , Immortal Collector , The Gate of Memories , The Great Merchant , The One Left Behind and The Maker of Wonders Glitched trophies: None if playing with the latest patch installed. Does difficulty affect trophies?: No so play on Easy. Do trophies stack?: No Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available. Additional peripherals required?: No Introduction: Anima: Gate of Memories - The Nameless Chronicles is a Kickstarter game that was successfully funded. In the beginning it was named the Unleashed Book and was supposed to be a DLC to Anima: Gate of Memories but Anima Project Studio added so content content that it became too big and ended up as its own entity. Playing the original Gate of Memories isn't required for understanding the story but if you plan to, then I recommend you to play the original Anima first and The Nameless Chronicles second because they have spoilers related to the first part. Overall, Anima Gate of Memories is a decent Action RPG with smooth controls and fun combat. Do note that the combat is fast paced but your character have invulnerability dodge and can use charge attack to instantly move about 10 meters in a blink, though it means that there are cases when your action windows is below half second, as late game bosses will be also quite quick or spam barrages of attacks. If you want a challenge then Normal Mode is actually quite hard when you have to fight True Ending Boss and the Secret Boss but I don't recommend it. New Game + is harder than your initial playthrough as opponents are tougher and your character do not progress much stat wise, from lv 12 to 16 there is not much growth and shops barely have new decent items so I strongly recommend to do the hardest trophies (i.e the True Ending and Secret boss) during your first playthrough. Here are some tips that might be of use: Don't buy swords and artifacts from Velez, as most of items can be found and ones which are aren't required anyway. The only exception from rule above is Zetsubou sword, which is available after The Great Merchant trophy, it costs 250k. You can freely use items like life fragments and such as they can be purchased and cost stays the same. Buff items, like War Core or Armor Core are almost essential if you play on normal. Fragment of Death and Death Anima are extremely useful in the last boss fight, as Boss have stages where he is invulnerable to usual attacks so Thanathos mode has to be used and energy goes away faster than boss's life points. Bring four Raw Materials to Bird Mask, as other options can be purchased from Velez. Walkthrough: Step 1: Complete the game with True Ending while collecting everything, including item from Bird Mask Play the game normally, be sure to collect every item. Also be sure to not kill any non-hostile NPC as they are required for trophies. If you collected every item in pre-Arcane chapters, then you haven't missed anything and only point of no return you should worry about is third fight against The Bearer/Ergo, as you can accidentally choose the wrong option. Be sure to choose to continue living at this point, if you did so then you are free to finish all tasks before meeting the final boss. Collect everything, complete Erynes challenges, free bird Mask, craft The Sun Sword, get Nekrom Thanathos open secret room, defeat the secret boss, chat with Death at save point and then go to the ending. At the end of this step, you will earn the following trophies: End of the Begining Nexus of Memories Here is where he was born... Demon Exterminator Grand Maister The Priest of the End The Bearer of Calamities The Red Lady The One Left Behind The Maker of Wonders Master of Puppets The Three Shadows The Last Name The Ultimate Monster The Nameless Memory Chatting with Death The Secret Room The Gate of Memories Immortal Collector Nothing ever truly ends A Secret in Shadows... Step 2: Complete the New Game Plus with Alternate ending Play the game as usual, be sure to get the last Velez seal, and be careful to choose Tired option after third fight against The Bearer. At the end of this step, you will earn the following trophies: The Great Merchant Ultimate Power I am so tired... A second time in life Step 3: Clean up Finish the Grand Maister challenges, collect all items and craft an item from Gaudemus, if required. At the end of this step, you will earn the following trophy: All Trophies
  15. A bit more things to add: 1. On a Nightmare Run there is a health upgrade available by using Gebel's bat form to fly up at the end of very first area and proceeding the balcony path. 2. On Ultimate mode there is an additional Soul Art available, used by holding square. It is quite powerful, even if takes some time to charge. 3. Vita version is same as well (cheats work, no difference between PS4 and vita versions, etc). I even wrote a guide for it, but you were faster, my congratulations. Other bosses have their names according to wikia. Except for Bloodless and Glutton Train, their names from some demonology source, same as Gremory.
  16. Lizbeth


    Nut sure was it before cuts or not, but from videos I noticed all female characters either are wearing loincloth, or have doll/angel anatomy. Considering that male character don't have loincloths or "censorship anatomy" I'm pretty confused about what devs were thinking. Games are not banned for female nudity (like recent Conan Exiles), so I'm having questions about these "banned" and "sued" statements. Anyway cancelled my preorder.
  17. Mileena actually. That "costume" was pain in the rear to unlock.
  18. Well, then MKX was made with your opinion in mind. And MK 2011 was made with my opinion in mind. So each gets his own =) PS: Actually, there is place for nudity in fighting games. Assuming characters in question are tough as nails and can survive things like being scorched from flamethrower (which they do have in game, but sometimes loose in cutscenes), their clothes are usually less durable. The reason why Superman's costume survives groundshaking damage is never explained, and from purely scientific standpoint combat between Superman and Wonderwoman should turn in to a naked wrestling after several blows. Not a scene I would expect from game nor wished for (again, nudity is appropriate for Conan setting, but in DC Universe.. rather not), just a though about bringing real physics in to a metahumans clash.
  19. Purposes of nudity: 1. Accurate depiction of scene. Because you know, people don't do sex wearing space suits like in mass effect, nor even wearing bra's (yes, I know, games make it look like this thing is perfectly comfortable for anything. It is not). Now, why would developers add sex scene, shower scene, or any other thing like this - down below in point 3 2. Accurate depiction of setting, where is nudity more common than in our world. 3. Sex sells, a.k.a. fan service. I bet any game with nudity will fit at least one.
  20. I dare to presume you never read Conan books? They had sex and nudity. Penis slider surely was made for lulz, as it will be covered by armour anyway. As for breast size slider, it was made so perverts like me could set size to Cup A and be happy.
  21. Yes, Russian PSN releases from day one to latest patch. The only thing is, either my memory fails me, or character became more trimmed. But even if it is true, I believe it has to do more with Early access testers. As for RKN, as far as I know it banned Telegram because Tele refused to provide chat logs of persons responsible in bombings in St. Petersburg metropolitan. As for now they don't ban nudity both on TV and videogames. And I hope they will never do. PS: It is not in my trophy profile as I play from test user, as I usually do first.
  22. You have to set it in options, and even then it is available only if your character is female, she'll be topless. As for loincloth, it is not removable in USA region.
  23. Actually you can do it fair way. I'm not sure, but approximately it could go to 100+ hours to get best gear and solo bosses.
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