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  1. i think i have a save before i beat the game on hard i hope it works keep us posted if you find anything
  2. need a boosting partner for Field medic Bounty hunter Good grief psn: A210221100
  3. looking for a boosting partener for all online trophies psn:a210221100
  4. i only miss the trophy for beating the game on hard if someone can help me add me psn:A210221100
  5. looking for some1 to set up a session and do the Return to form and unwelcome guest trophies psn: A210221100
  6. the site update is really nice but i run into a bug for some reason the chrome browser cant load the site yet i dont know if any of the sites web devs are aware of this but every time i try to load the site on chrome since then i get this error 400 Bad Request Request Header Or Cookie Too Large nginx/1.19.4 i hope they can fix it because its a pain to run 2 diffecrent browsers just for one site 😛
  7. I checked the trophy list a few minutes ago on ps4 thinking that i was locked out of the platinum and surprisingly bangie changed the requirements for those 2 trophies and trophy sites still have the old description Belly Of The Beast - Complete a Nightfall strike on Master difficulty The Prestige - Complete a Nightfall strike on Grandmaster difficulty
  8. typical LBP list in most places do you think there will be a seperate trophy list for ps5? and if yes we will be able to buy the ps4 vertion and upgrade for free to the ps5 neting us 2 plats?
  9. looking for a party to boost lore mainly but i can go for story trophies too psn: A210221100
  10. looking to do leviathan & prestige leviathan at some point im free most of the time psn: A210221100 tz: gmt+2
  11. way over 100+ im already around 40-50 hours in the trophies for 400 and 800 chests will be the least of your worries geting a character and a weapon to ascent to phase 6 is the part that will take you the most time
  12. then it should work for the foull patched disk version thx
  13. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7919/d8f7a474-0907-4cd5-9273-8776522b6ccc.jpg Desert's Poem Saw all Gurdy the Swindler events. Story Related. Cannot be missed. Both this trophy and the trophy His Memories will be earned in a similar way. each time you complete a dungeon and get a drop of myrrh the game will make more random encounters available to be triggered when you travel on the world map. A lot of these events are small self contained stories that take one or two random encounters for them to tell the full story. The story of the black knight contains 6 events and the story of Gurdy 5 events. You should encounter all of them by year 7 and having collected 18 drops of myrrh overall. If for some reason the events haven't triggered by then don't worry, sooner or later they will trigger by moving around the map to get to dungeons for grinding artifacts that you missed. If an event gives you a choice don't worry about it no matter what you choose the trophies will unlock when you see the last event. If think that you need more details about all the events you can always look on the site bellow just keep in mind that it may contain spoilers. https://samurai-gamers.com/final-fantasy-crystal-chronicles-remastered-edition/all-caravan-events/ http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7919/48161788-d956-46ac-a283-1ef9fac1c927.jpg His Memories Saw all Black Knight events. Story Related. Cannot be missed. Refer to Desert's Poem http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7919/3ba0184e-c2d5-4a0c-9bd1-1b7364047820.jpg A New Power Collected an ultimate weapon. This trophy may mislead you if look online about the ultimate weapon for the game because most of the information that comes up is for the old gamecube version. Don't read any of it the best weapon of the old version is still obtainable in the remaster of the game but its not worth it and it will not give you the trophy it will only add about 20-30 extra hours to your play time and make you waste a lot of money. To get this trophy you need to craft the best weapon for you tribe/race of your character that have been added with the remastered version of the game. The recipes for these weapons drop from bosses in the new Hard Mode dungeons and the materials usually drop from the same boss or monsters in the same dungeon there are some exceptions where the materials drop from other dungeons. For example i played as a Clavat character and i got the recipe for the twilight weapon from the boss in the dungeon miasma pit. After that i farmed the Ogre in the first room of miasma pit so i can get the materials (adamantite and scarletite) using the auto save method. After that i crafted the weapon with the materials I obtained and 65.000 gil and the trophy poped. Bellow i included a link to a spreadsheet made by JustDevin#8933. There you will be able to find the best weapons for your tribe, armor, accessories and any other item you may need, where they drop and where you can find the materials to craft them. Make sure to drop by there discord and say thanks. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1g0W_PPkl2Z11syVpsbFrhx_TGoot6-ICt79CwQgQHY4/htmlview?pru=AAABdFXlBKc*QZCyFLvjfIvu8xPo9JWKrg# credit for the spreadsheet goes to Discord user JustDevin#8933 Keep in mind that the lists are still getting updated every day by the time of writing this guide. If you cannot find the location of the item you need you can always ask in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles discord ( https://discord.gg/jTf94A ) or wait for it until it is added to the list.
  14. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7919/f25b7348-12b4-4837-91be-f7a331a90d20.jpg Caravan of Legend Saved the world from the miasma. Story Related. Cannot be missed. This will unlock after you finish the last dungeon of the game Mount Vellenge and it can be done as soon as year 5 although I advise you not to rush to it the final boss of the game can be a bit hard if your stat are low and your gear not up to par. I will abstain from posting information about this dungeon since everything can be a major spoiler. You can always find a video on youtube if you are curious and remember to keep in mind what happens in the random events around the world memories can help you. After killing the boss this trophy is yours. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/images/trophies/7919/62a103bd-531b-4e52-9c35-67422a6be7dd.jpg A Princess's Gratitude Saw all Missing Princess events. This is not missable but if you leave it for later it may be a pain to come back to it because it requires specific steps to be taken so try to start it as soon as possible on your first or second visit to Alfitaria the second town that you find on your travels and the city on the third map after you pass the second miasma stream. Below is a step by step guide on how to complete this quest [spoiler=232] Step 1:Go to Alfitaria and talk with Knocfelna He is patrolling on the left side of the city near the stairs where two guards are standing on top of and block your way. He moves all the time so don't be discouraged if you don't find him at first just wait near the bottom of the stairs and soon he will pass in front of you. He looks like a Lilty with a huge mustache. Step 2:Complete a dungeon to get a drop of myrrh and return to Knocfelna He will tell you to save the princess that's you queue to move to step 3 Step 3:complete dungeons to advance the year until an odd numbered year comes up and talk to Odow in Marr's Pass Marr's Pass is the first city you will find on your journey on the second map you visit. when you enter the city from the south entrance on your right there will be a Lilty weapon smith during odd numbered years in the tent that is located a little bit to the lower left side of the weapon smith a Selkie merchant will spawn you will be able to find him during year one if you visit the town and look around. In front of the merchant an other Selkie character will be there with green hair that's the one you are looking for. Talk to this character and she will tell you about a maiden. Keep talking to her until she tells you about the maiden if the dialog doesn't come up at first. Step 4:Complete a dungeon to get a drop of myrrh and go to Jegon River's east bank This location is on the second map to the left, if you have been there before its a place with a docked boat. In front of the wooden dock you will find a female character that was never there before on previous visits. Talk to her and move to the next step. Step 5:Exit to map and re-enter the same area On the same spot where the female character was you will find Knocfelna and his magnificent partner in crime Diadra Talk with Knocfelna to advance (optional) Admire Diadra the magnificent! Step 6:Complete a dungeon to get a drop of myrrh and go to the Fields of Fum on the west side of the Jegon River After you get a drop of myrrh come back to Jegon River's east bank and ask the the ferry man to get you to the other side of the river. Side note: If the river is dried up you will not be able to advance to the next stage of the quest. If this is the case for you then you have to complete the dungeon Veo Lu Sluice for a second time which means getting a second drop of myrrh from it. On your first visit to the dungeon there will be areas that are filled with water. On you second visit these areas will be dried up and you will be able to walk in them and get the treasure chests that where previously inaccessible. If those areas are dried up then you are on your second run and after you complete the dungeon the water flow will be restored to the river. keep in mind that in most dried up areas there will be huge green roots that you need to cast Raise or use a Phoenix down on them this is important because if you don't the water flow will not be restored upon completing the dungeon. Alternatively the water flow will be restored after year 8 by it self. Exit the area and on the top of the first cross road is the town named the Fields of Fum. Enter the town. On the south west side of the town you will find Knocfelna with the female character and off course Diadra will be there too. Talk to both Knocfelna and the female character. Step 7:Complete a dungeon to get a drop of myrrh and go to Leuda After you get the drop of myrrh head back to the docks and ask the ferry man to get you to Leuda. In the town of Leuda on the north west side you will find all the characters you found in the the Fields of Fum. Same as before talk to both of them. Step 8:Complete a dungeon to get a drop of myrrh and return to Leuda The fastest way to complete this step is to do the dungeon that is located next to Leuda the Lynari Desert but you can do any other dungeon for the drop if you find this one hard to complete. Come back to to Leuda and again speak with both characters. Leave from the top exit of the village. A cut-scene will play. Re-enter Leuda and ask the ferry man to get you to west side of the Jegon River. Step 9:Go back to Alfitaria Head back to Alfitaria and go straight up north there you will find the princess talk to her and you will get your reward 100.000 gil and the trophy
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