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  1. After this mornings performance, this should set hearts racing. New Zealand are guaranteed a spot in the World Cup every tournament moving forward. Oceania get a guaranteed spot, and NZ won’t have much competition. Although it would be funny to see the Solomon Islands in the World Cup. 😂
  2. Free, how do you write to someone knowing that there won’t be a reply back? It feels impossible to do. You were the nicest, kindest person that I have even come across on the Internet and that is 20 years worth of history. When I opened Krid’s thread to see your name in the topic title, it was shocking. I was shocked that I won’t ever get to talk to you again. I was shocked that only in the last few days before the sad news of your untimely passing that I was thinking about you, I was thinking that perhaps because I am not on the forum as often as I used to be, that I kept missing you or you were on another part of the forum making another group of fortunate people laugh and enjoy your company as much as I did. 

    You were always such a beautiful spirit. Always had the nicest things to say to people and always so encouraging. I feel completely honoured that you always sent me PM’s after a lot of my rants on the football thread, you would quote a part of my post and would tell me that I had you laughing. Even though looking back I was just ranting and probably made no sense.

    There were times you would write a message to me on my profile and because I don’t know how to use this forum (after 10 years) ,I would reply to you on my profile, under your message. Of course when I realised that I should have replied to you on your profile and you weren’t getting my reply, I would PM you letting you know my mistake and I would apologise. I never got a response and was thinking that I hoped you didn’t think I just ignored your message. Days later, another rant by me on the football thread, and another PM from you telling me that I had made you laugh again. I realised that you didn’t need my apology and that was the person you were. 


    This forum has lost a valuable, key member. Someone who made the forum tick and always welcomed new arrivals and was great to be around. We will keep your spirit going, even though it feels like an impossible task. So many of us loved you (judging by the messages on here and elsewhere) and loved just chatting with you. I wish I chatted to you more often and came to you to start conversations, however, what brings my mind at ease is that you would tell me not to be stupid. That was just the person you were. 

    Thank you for coming into my life! 

    RIP KFree7 (Kevin)! :(

  3. Waking up this morning I saw Kris’s post on this section of the board but not the name until I came into the thread. It is absolutely shocking news to lose someone so young and someone who I am proud to call a friend. He was just the loveliest, kindest person that I have met online and he will be immensely missed. My favourite personal memory of Kevin spanned an year. In 2015, I really started getting into Baseball and would post on the Baseball thread on here a regularly throughout that year. I supported the Chicago Cubs and of course Free supported the Kansas City Royals. Both our teams were going very well that year and my team were eliminated in the NLCS series (Final four stage) and the Royals went on to win the World Series, which was a proud moment for Kevin. The next year rolls around and Kevin’s attitude that year was, “Okay, I am rooting for the Cubs to win the World Series for you Bulls!”. And he did, for the entire 2016 season, he was a Chicago Cubs supporter for me. We made and won the World Series and he was the first one to congratulate me. He was such a good man. His attitude was that his team won the championship, so I am rooting for your team to do the same for you (not something you willoften get in sporting fandom). It’s a memory that I will never forget. My final comment on this very sad news is directed to you @Darth_Krid. Such a lovely post by you, beautifully said. I want to reply to a section of it and I hope this brings you some comfort. You said above that you will feel deep regret about not buying a certain game to play with Kevin. My thoughts on that is not to feel regret, Kevin was the sort of person to think, “I will find a game that we can both play and enjoy.” That was the man’s attitude. He wouldn’t have been disappointed. He had a kind nature and he had love for you and this entire community not to ever feel disappointment. RIP Kevin! You will be missed my friend.
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