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  1. Hmm, I was kinda hoping for a bit cheaper on the middle tier. Seems to be just PS+ and PSNow. Guess it does has a slight discount...but backlog is large so probablysticking with the base for a long time...maybe forever...
  2. Not 100, not a true fan. But congratz, I am debating if I wanna go grab Dark 2 on PS4 and do that also. Then I would just be missing the EU, JPN, PS5 Demon's Souls and PS4 Elden Ring for all "souls" platinums
  3. All I can think of is you had a helmet or talisman that increased your stamina or endurance or you were using a Great Rune.
  4. I liked most of them, couple that were a bit gimmicky but overall they were great. Even the hardest one with Malenia I didn't feel was unfair, felt like a supped up version of Lady Maria from Bloodborne.
  5. How is GT7? I like racing games but haven't played one since Grid 2 on PS3. Well, realistic racing games, I've done a couple cart racers.
  6. Mimic Tear +10 with high Int and throwing moons at people worked real nice lol. Next playthrough I do will probably try a pure melee build or a faith one. I've heard real broken things about the Sword of Night and Flame.
  7. Mimic Tear ash is located in a chest in Nokron(?) behind 2 mimic tears and one of those priestess ladies. EDIT: nvm, just checked link above and it is Night's Sacred Ground, thinking of a different talisman.
  8. Were you using an item that boost your stamina? Some of the Talismans will up your stamina and other stats, along with some helmets.
  9. I'd give it a general 7/10. Some of the bosses are pretty tough but you can make the game easier for yourself using either Ashes or Co-op. Final play time was 83 hours.
  10. Just got the Elden Ring platinum, game is amazing. Back to Persona 5
  11. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/15539-elden-ring/XxDecieverxX
  12. Wishing I took the week off to play Elden Ring, all I can think of at work is Elden Ring lol
  13. Post here with your profile link when you obtain the platinum. FINISHERS Deceiver Dipsy cbchaos67 TakaSasukeGR AerisFlowerGirl
  14. 120 trophies this year so far, been playing longer games so far with Persona 5 and now Elden Ring
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