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  1. Psn Id is l_William_81_l Just Got Vita Looking for friends pls add me Working virtua tennis Timezone GMT
  2. Will1981

    Need help

    Need help with near thophy anyone wanna try and do it add me Red_Devils_fan_1
  3. Is there anyway to find out how many pitwalls u have done
  4. Looking to boost all online trophys add me GMT Psn Red_Devils_fan_1
  5. I need help with pit wall if someone can help that be grear
  6. Than again there's rumours going round that microsoft are going to being out the 720 next year to be honest I am gonna keep my ps3 love it grew up with playstation so gonna keep my faith in it and keep getting them trophies thanks guys
  7. I need these thophys online any help would be very grateful PSN is Red_Devils_fan_1
  8. Yeah I know its a ps3 forum was just asking the question as i know a lot of people have both i love my ps3 but some days miss the Xbox they +s for both consoles need to get my head down and work though the games I have lol
  9. To be honest I don't really like halo
  10. Well Guys today I have been thinking that I wanna trade my Ps3 and get a Xbox because that's what I used to have before Xmas when I traded it in for a Ps3 lol. I am a trophy or achievement whore what ever you wanna call it and I know they's some really easy games on Xbox aswell as Ps3 I also Miss playing with a groups of people and having a laugh and a joke on the xbox as on the Ps3 I don't have many friends and that's maybe why I feel like this. I have loads of great games on Ps3 and loads to try and complete and plat help me out guys I know it's a Ps3 forum do mostly likely people say keep Ps3 like my wife says but I am in two Minds. PS if anyone would like to add me my PSN is Red_Devils_fan_1 thanks guys
  11. Once u complete world tour can u start over again with your same players ranked as there are or do your players start over again. Also is there a way where u can see what cups you have won online.
  12. Just seen a trophy for local co op is local co op where u need a playstation near your one or can u just add a guest and play co op that way hope so as I only have one ps3 and don't now anyone near me with a ps3
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