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  1. Need help with the online trophies/accomplishments. Psn: M3_sport_evo
  2. New patch is out, they fixed the trophy:applause:
  3. I’am lvl 42 and it’s still around 250k xp per level. HvV is the fastest way. I always have more then 10k/game, 20k+ /game is also possible. I noticed that i get more points if i use somebody with a gun than somebody with a light sabre.
  4. Thx, great tip to do it in the drift tutorial. For the drift lines. I only found the first perfect drift lines event difficult. It's the Hardest challenge in the game. I suppose you struggle with the second drift line. Tips: start your drift before the drift line and stay as close to the wall as possible in beginning of the drift line. Because the car will go to the left but the driftline isn't. So you can go a little bit to the left with your car while still on the drift line.
  5. Any tips for the long drift trophy. Nothing seems to work. Tried different cars, with or without steering assist. How can i do this? It's the only trophy left for platinum.
  6. I have the same issue. Game crashed, save file corrupted. Didn't save it on plus so i have to do everything again:mad:
  7. Looking for some help with the online trophies. Psn: M3_sport_evo GMT +1
  8. Had the same problem, the crushing trophy didn't pop. Also reloaded the game, skipped the cutscene and trophy popped. Thx.
  9. Voted a 3. Very easy, you can do most of the trophies with an extra controller. Garden ops on crazy is easier then pvz garden warfare 1. The 10000 kills take a while.
  10. Need some help with the 50 podium finishes. Psn: M3_sport_evo
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