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  1. So. 2022... 1. Reach 175 (27) 2. Reach 9,700 total trophies (1,266) 3. Obtain 6 Ultra Rare 4. Obtain 5 Platinums at 7.5 or higher PST difficulty 5. >93% completion 6. >3.0% Ultra rare trophy % of total 7. 100% Finish Agony, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, BioShock 2, The Last of Us Remastered.
  2. 1. 24(26) ❌ 2. 1,180 (1,500)❌ RDR 2 screwed me with this one, Maybe Max Payne 3 too. 3. 92.82% (>92%) ✔️ Was as high as 93.21 4. 6 Ultra Rare (5 Ultra Rare ) ✔️ Already made it. 5. 3.46% (Ultra Rare % >3%)✔️ 6. 2 (Get 5 > 7.5 PST.Org Difficulty) ❌ Ran out of time on Max Payne 3 and The Evil Within. 7. ❌ worked through some of my backlog but none of the ones named. I did clear some that I didn't think I ever would (Wipeout and Dying Light DLC) 8. ❌Yeah, Does a PS5 even exist? 9. ✔️ I did start getting into ES:O right at the end of the year. To sum it up, not bad but probably didn't challenge myself enough for my liking and RDR 2 and Max Payne 3 online grinding killed my year. Had a decent THL (well for me anyway) which helped at the end.
  3. On PS4: The Evil Within On PS3: Going to start Battlefield: Bad Company 2 soon
  4. I have to say Orphan of Kos. He reputed to be the hardest boss in Soulsborne. Ruby Weapon was cheap but I downed him in two attempts, I doubt I could top the Orphan in two battles.
  5. I'm going to add Hollow Virgil on DMC: Devil May Cry Hell and Hell Difficulty. The rest of the game wasn't that bad. You can take 3 insta-kill hits total, the fight goes over a total of 5 waves. The second of which are a quick fire, random dodging 10 attacks which quickly got maddening.
  6. I gave it a 7. Personally found it pretty comparable in difficulty to W@W (with less grenade spam) and Killzone 2's Elite. Just a touch less hard. Maybe it's me but those weren't all THAT hard. COD Classic, MOH: Frontilne and MW remastered's Mile High Club are way harder IMO. Three parts stand out as roadblocks. 1. The pit when you are on your own; 2. The Parking Garage; and 3. The last chapter Takes plenty of patience and perseverance but you'll get through eventually. The best gun is the one with the most ammo. Save your grenades for heavies and sticky grenades for areas where lots of guys are dug in behind cover. Sticking a bomb to one will make him run to the others for help and blow them all up. Fantastic game, loved the story and the decisions you have to make. Would recommend it.
  7. #148 Legion of Merit: Spec Ops: The Line I really enjoyed this game. A pretty good story and the gameplay was nice and precise (which is critical for a third person shooter). Look your AI partners can be a bit brain dead on FUBAR which makes it a little harder than it should. But I feel as a whole the difficulty is fair. The game made me make decisions I would ordinarily not think that I would make after experiencing the game. Yager should be commended for this game. It's a little dated now but I'd recommend giving this a go if you haven't already.
  8. Gave it a 5. The difficulty is restricted to getting three stars on all missions and the time trial runs. The mission stars are easy enough but I had some trouble with mission 34 and had to retry that about 7 times. The time trials are also not too bad, just learn the path and use the trees to catapault you through the course quickly. I had fun enough with the game but there were a couple of things wrong with it. It got pretty repetitive across the 34 missions where it felt it was pretty much always doing the same thing and the controls were frustrating. Avil would propel himself up buildings way past where you wanted to be or lodge himself in the Ravenii's armpit. The biggest tip going around is don't unlock the wall run skill until you have done the time trials and 34 missions, Your path to plat is easier.
  9. #147 Rune Master: Extinction The game itself was not too bad but it got a bit repetitive. It would have been better if they cut half the missions out and released it as a PSN title - it might have been better received. Taking down the giants is fun and each armour takes a different strategy to take it down. Mission 34 was pretty hard to get three stars on. Also an ultra Rare for some reason.
  10. Dying Light 100% Finally went back and cleaned up the terrible Bozak Horde DLC. I had written it off because it was so awful and difficult and I really hate those kind of arena co-op add-ons. Credit to hBLOXs for putting up with my bullshit. I hate Dying Light with the fire of a thousand suns. I would knock back Dying Light 2 even if it was a PS+ freebie. Weird because I liked the Dead Island games....
  11. Lazarevic was easy, even on crushing. Just back away in a cricle on shoot the blue jizz on the trees when he is near it. Sephiroth at least looks a bit challenging.
  12. Argus was only hard due to the time attack restraints - beating him on normal is nothing. Mom by default.
  13. Tyson is notrious. Ozma I beat without a hell of lot of trouble and there were tougher FF super bosses out there.
  14. Yiazmat needs a lot of set up and things can go pear-shaped even with the perfect set up. Especially when it goes into critical beserk mode.
  15. Fume knight was one of the toughest fights (without difficulty adjustments) I've ever done - he gets my vote.
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