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  1. Have mic and know what to do. Add me and send me a message. I'm down today. Psn. Demonviper666
  2. Willing to boost this. Demonviper666 add me. Ps can't relp to message unless we are friends on psn. Messege are set friend only. And I have ps now copy.
  3. Add me i need online. Demonviper666 and my message is set to friends only
  4. Need online trophys. Add me. Demonviper666. Put peggle in add. My message are set to friend only
  5. I need ranked wins. No plays ranked. I will help others as well dvd4077 add me. I'm free any time. USA region
  6. I need all online trophys. USA. Will boosted at anytime. Psn is dvd4077. Add me
  7. I need all online trophy I brought since it was on sale. Dvd4077 I do have a mic
  8. They patched this.game finally u can plat it
  9. I need online trophies. Looking to boosted. Send me on psn. I will get. I'm all the time. So add me. Dvd4077
  10. I need all online trophies. Dvd4077 add me.
  11. People with 100% on game are hacker. U can't the g iv tired a bill on iv hit every way I can. No way to get it
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