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  1. Hi, I'm looking to get the Cash Prizes trophy. PSN: SK4SF Timezone: GMT If you need this trophy as well then I am more than willing to help you out. EDIT: got the trophy now thanks to BZebrz
  2. Just gpt the game and looking to get the online trophies PSN: SK4SF Timezone: GMT EDIT: Did them all legit in the end
  3. I'm looking to get the leaugue medal trophy plus any others if you're up for it. Jusy getting the league medal trophy would do me though. PSN: SK4SF Timezone: GMT EDIT: Got the trophy, thanks to XenoNick
  4. SK4SF

    Puppeteer problem

    Thank you for your help, very much appreciated. Thank you.
  5. I got this trophy and I had the same problem. I just kept releasing it ass public making sure that I put a description and tags. Eventually I got it so it looks like it may be glitchy. I'm stuck on Puppeteer with it showing 0M/12M and nothing seems to work.
  6. SK4SF

    Puppeteer problem

    I'm currently working through the trophy list and I'm stuck on Puppeteer. The description says - Spend 12 minutes animating a puppet with recoed possession. I've possessed a puppet and for over a minute I recorded myself running around with the action recorder. I've tried this with the action recorder on the puppet logic and also separately, but the quest still says 0M/12M. Any help would be gratefully received.
  7. Hi, I just need help with the sync kills and revive trophies. PSN: SK4SF Timezone: UK (GMT) EDIT: Got the two trophies I needed. Thanks to Scopio97
  8. Looking to boost All's Fair and Strength In Numbers. PSN: SK4SF I'm UK based Thanks for your time.
  9. Got the plat on PS3 and PS4 and decided to make a musical montage using the music from the game. Check it out here: All the best guys
  10. Update on previous post. All I need now is Path to 2409 Vol 12, Chp 8 I'm willing to spend 25 mill EC on this datachip and give you all the various chips I have. My collection of chips grows by 11 every day and you can have all of them plus the EC if you hook me up. PSN: SK4SF Thanks for your time guys. EDIT: Got the datachip on the exchange for 600K, so I now have the platinum.
  11. I am willing to pay 20 million EC for the following datachip: The Path to 2409: Volume 12, Chapter 8 Message me on PSN: SK4SF Timezone: GMT (UTC) If you have this datachip, I will add you and meet up in game to trade. Thanks for your time guys.
  12. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I was struggling with the last drift. I went to garage and noticed the "tuning" option where you press L1 and R1. I put top speed all the way down, left acceleration at maximum and put handling down as low as I could. I got the 1 million points really easy after that just by feathering the throttle on and off in a steady rhythm. Hope this helps.
  13. Looking to boost all MP trophies. I already have the plat on PS3, but I now want to get it again on PS4. I have one person who has the game, so looking for 2 more to make it easy to boost all trophies. PSN: SK4SF Timezone: GMT (UK) Please put Tomb Raider in the request. Thanks guys.
  14. SK4SF

    Four Way Trophy

    Has anyone else had issues unlocking the Four Way Trophy? I definitely should have got it because I got the in=game platinum award for it
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