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  1. Looking for hazard zone trophy boosters.. I’m putting together a group to get these done. Australia servers are dead for this mode , If we have 4 groups of 4 I believe we can start this up and boost in about 4 games most of it then grind the rest. We can do it by joining my alts via socials and then searching at the same time. I have 2 copies of the games / 2 consoles / 2 accounts atm.. likely adding more, have a few others also. jwill_55
  2. I was reading through this. Is this still a thing or was it fixed? I don’t see an option to overwrite saves.
  3. Hello all please search for / like / heart etc my 2 maps. Name: JWill_55’s Trophy Helper(please heart me and level) and 1SEC - TROPHY p4p / H4H / PSNP you can find my maps from my user ID JWill_55 I’ll happily do the same. I’ll be going through the above posts to help those out too. I’ve gone through a lot of the above already , but if I’ve missed you please add or contact me and hope to help each other.
  4. Had a mini heart attack when I went to view some players to find base game didn’t have a C but AE did for most of my players. Can confirm , I had 12 players base game with C and the rest I finished for AE and the trophy popped.. phew.
  5. Damn.. this still works 2021. Deleted patch first as required I did it over a wired connection. Being in Australia I used a Thailand private proxy / 8080 I started game up not logged into PSN Didn’t get asked to log in or apply patch I sat over the multiplayer and pressed the PlayStation button on the controller -> signed in from there. Took about 20 attempts to connect , but fear not. when connected quickly closed that and went to multiplayer -> ranked match -> quick match -> begin quick match -> waited to see “1 player[s] in game , waiting for x more player[s]” quickly exited quickly went to main menu -> marines -> new game -> easy I then followed this video from 1:53 onwards took about 20 mins to reach bottom of elevator then another 10 to get the trophies.
  6. Do we know if the trophies for dead ops for PS4 rolls over to ps5 since this update? and would the solo play checkpoints save on PS4 and PS5 or are they their own thing?
  7. I’m trying to add you and chat in the new app but it’s giving me problems ... I too need this. Not sure if it’s cross play with PS4 or not, but if it is I have multiple consoles / Alts we can try with or we can get another. Psn: JWill_55 edit: I’m done with this.
  8. Good post , I was looking for something like this. hey do you happen to know if the teamwork trophy is kross play for ps5 and PS4? I can’t seem to find much on it.
  9. Did you happen to find out? I have both a PS4 and PS5 and prefer to only have one copy and do it all once.
  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. Looking for everyone / anyone that needs Death Star mode - battle station or any other miscellaneous trophy. Add me jwill_55 Also https://discord.gg/R87myFW
  12. If I’m doing permadeath and grounded + in the same run are these ok to use or was this for only one mode ?
  13. Hmm , trying to watch this thread with a close eye, I might wait a little. I would prefer to do grounded and permadeath at the one time. Interested to know the way to go on this , but would like to see a little more consistency. I didn’t have too much trouble on this first 1.5 tries... but.. I can see some areas that would really mess me up. If someone could just advise what the best method is, would like to knock two birds with one stone. I’m interested to know how the saves work (save and loading).. is it best offline? Is there a limit to saves ?
  14. I bought another 4 x ps3 and a total of 10 copies of this .. �� Thanks to COVID , I’ve got all the time in the world for crap like this. The DLC is free , so that was the selling point.
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