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  1. That fight is like a 3/10. I could do it for you in one try if you need help.
  2. Village is like a 4/10 difficulty at best. Heisenberg on Village of Shadows is so easy if you know how to fight him correctly. Try playing VoS on new game without special weapons or infinite ammo and you’ll find that Heisenberg is the easiest part. Mercenaries is not half as hard as people claim it is. Village is probably the easiest RE plat, with the possible exception of RE3 remake.
  3. Anyone who needs help, message me on PSN. PSN ID: Lerodemmy
  4. It’s possible. I find players.
  5. I’m too lazy to read multiple posts trying to find this answer… I have 100% on the PS5 version. Is it possible to auto-pop trophies on the PS4 version?
  6. My apologies. I just believe it’s appropriate to correct inaccurate information.
  7. Really? I'm a little surprised they're still useful after all these years. Glad it helped you!
  8. I'm a bit late, but thank you!

  9. I'm a bit late, but thank you!

  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. I'm selling Until Dawn Rush of Blood VR, which is brand new and factory sealed. I'm also selling Dead Rising 2 (Greatest Hits version) for PS3. It is brand new and unused, but the shrink wrap became damaged and had to be removed. The case and disc are in mint condition.
  12. No problem. Thank you! One thing... Can you put the BF2 logo behind her head?
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