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  1. If you bothered to actually have a look you would see that's just not true and complete bullshit. They said we have interests in the same places and post in the same places. I had a look and the places they mentioned i have never ever visited. Anyway fuck that place and have a look before you start spreading the bullshit.
  2. Bottles are glitched as well, many have reported it glitched at 38/39. Does my head in this shit.
  3. Its a weird one, i think this has at least 3 different versions? I think i got the easier one but its still a bit of a pain to plat. Most races are easy but some are annoying due to bad AI. And issues, the game suffers badly from stuttering on half the cars, its like it pauses for half a second, loads data then resumes, can cause you to go off track which is annoying. And then it has a glitch that causes an AI car to fall through the track which can cause an infinite race and its always near the end of the race! If you get the easy version its a grindy 3/10.
  4. This just isn't true, its been riddled with issues since day 1. Even on PS4! Trion are an absolute scum company.
  5. Good for you, you got lucky. I mean you got a 5 combo on level 19!
  6. 9 due to getting to level 20. After about 300 attempts I've give up. Very annoying.
  7. Solid 6 due to the challenges, some of them the are infuriating! Some are impossible without using custom setups, some require luck and some are impossible without cheating, and the ones that require skill, require a steady thumb! The last one i did is a perfect example of how shit these challenges are, 31.. multiple crashes which are different every time, it requires pure luck. I think for an average person the difficulty would be higher, even some the normal races on these games the AI will be right behind you the entire way.
  8. Game is on sale for £2.99, is the extra £2 for the Season Pass worth it, or is it of no use for the plat?
  9. Wanting the online trophies. Psn GUDGER666.
  10. 10 because of bad the game is, very badly broken.
  11. Having a look at wiki there's 100s that don't work and a lot are Ratalaika one's.
  12. All the ones i can find are outdated. Do the Ratalaika ones work on it?
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