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  1. Hi im world tier1 i need help getting the black out trophys, i hope you guys can help a plat hunter pal. Im willing to help too. I play in usa almost all day Psn id: archnero
  2. I only need 40 online matches Im in spain now but i can boost almost all day I have 4 controllers so no problem using dummys Add me for boost Psnid: archnero
  3. You can see the steam archivement are the same. The hardest trophy is finishing the game on hardcore, but there is a little trick to make it easier. Overral the trophys are finishing the game, 3 levels you need to finish with the armor and little things you can do with level select Great game and easy plat
  4. got the plat yesterday, the rare thing is the plat didnt pop XD, i hope they upload the trophys soon im worry this game dosent have a plat jajaja
  5. Psn id: archnero i just need a parter to do all the shadow trophys to get the platinium. if you are interested to join send a message and we do it. thank you edit: no longer boosting thank for the help XD
  6. i need the coop trophys to finish the game if someone else wants to do it add me im from mexico and i play form 3 pm to 10 pm all days psnid: archnero Edit: Already done no longer boosting, thank you jAAAsh for the help.
  7. it works omg you are a genius please made a monument to this guy it deserves it. thanks a lot
  8. Nice found i will try it today when i finish working, i love the game but the trophys are stupid lol
  9. well i was playing with online players the sudenly searching was like five minutes long and they put me in my team IA and the other team only IA. after that all my search last 5 minutes and IA all the time after 1 hour or more it work again and put me with normal players i was already playing when it happens, who maybe you need to be already online, if you join after maybe it wont work.
  10. OMG so it was the maintenaince. thats why i couldnt see my trophys. nice found mate. i got at least 3 tropys out thanks to this. waiting for the next maintenance XD but i will get this platinium not matter the cost
  11. are you still up for boosting i want to make it too if not im up for boosting the 20 wins psn id: archnero PD: already got it no longer boosting
  12. you probably are missing the ones that are on lamps, go to the higher places with shown a relic and destroy the light or whatever is there and you will get it XD
  13. you can also make copy inside the game in the other slots, thats how i do it, is faster then using a usb or the cloud XD
  14. they made a map for the artifacts and all collectables great guide
  15. medic trophy seem hlitch i got it to day but i follow another trick to get it in psn profiles someone told to play in another playstation with his account so he heal 4 and the trophy pop for him so i ask a friend to do the same he heal 4 or 5 but the trophy didnt pop when i came home i decide to play in the fist match i heal 2 people from 0% to 100% and the trophy pop maybe thats the trock to get this glitch trophy, hope you all trophy hunters get this rare platinium
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