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  1. Hey Buddy...guess what? Missed your birthday again...shame on me. I hope that you had a great day. And hope that everything is going well with you. Hey, finally got a PS4 just after Christmas...man why did I wait so long? I'm loving it. Take Care...

  2. Happy birthday!!! :highfive:

  3. The 'mic' showing up is pretty common, when using a headset. According to my computer I have 3 recording devices hooked up to my PC, none of which are for recording. As far as the issues go with the reset, try to right click on the volume option (bottom right hand corner on Windows 7), and then go to playback devices. Disable all options but your Sony Headphones by right clicking them and hitting disable. This should help... I hope. I'm not really good with computers, but every time I had trouble with sound options, this has helped me. As far as the electric noise... I'm not sure but I believe some modems/routers can cause interference with blutetooth headsets.When I had my PX5's a few years ago, I got constant interference and static noise due to my modem/router being too close.
  4. Guns of Icarus free on Humble Bundle: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/guns-of-icarus-alliance?hmb_source=humble_home&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_1_layout_index_1_layout_type_twos_tile_index_2
  5. I honestly never once believed they needed a follow up series, but look how good Better Call Saul turned out to be.
  6. About to start up InFamous. 350 blast shards shouldn't be too hard to find as long as I use a picture guide.... Damn, last time I did this it took me 2 months to find the last 3.
  7. Assassin's Creed Unity (Xbox One) Full Game codes (saving one for myself): G2WJV-K3CQ6-2CGCY-MTQTF-7P7TZ 4G9MX-YVQY7-GVTCH-CHMG6-2GHTZ
  8. Honestly if your thinking of upgrading your 960 to a 1050ti, I would pass. The $120 (at least) price tag would be spent on minimal upgrades,and in some cases like shader units I think, even downgrades. Don't quote me on that though as it has been a while since I last checked. Here's a comparison of the cards, and it's a mixed bag. http://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-960-vs-Nvidia-GTX-1050-Ti/3165vs3649 The 960 rates higher, just saying... So I'd say just stick to what you already have until the next series of cards come out.
  9. Yeah, it was a much better/fleshed out fight. As expected considering it was almost 15 minutes long; they really couldn't waste that much time in the movies on a second string fight. Here's hoping the fight against the Otsutsuki clan is similar...
  10. Skyrim (ps3), and InFamous. PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds on PC between sessions of Team Fortress 2.
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