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  1. It is a shame the trophy answers were lost. I assure you I deleted nothing of value. It's just part of the fun of solving the larger mystery. I swear I saved all the pages in archive.org before anything got deleted, but I couldn't find the exact solution saved. It definitely is the pipe organ and you play 8-10 notes on it. Perhaps you could message the fine individual that carelessly deleted his post. And above all, secrecy! Edit: Looks like it's been handled. Thanks, Jazirah! Yeah, writing a trophy guide for this game would be painful. I tried to post what I could in the trophy comments.
  2. Or double what you just played for cleanup if you missed something and your save was corrupted. I apparently missed the 3rd memory fragment in the first level. Once I picked it up the trophy for the first level popped, and the game crashed corrupting my save without popping Perfect Memory. Due to this it appears I have to go through the whole game again. I highly recommend backing up your save to the cloud before starting clean-up to keep this in the 0-5 hour range.
  3. Finally got What's the Rush (and a nice shiny Platinum to go along with it). That really is a killer, but it is doable. It was actually my very last try before I was going to call it quits for a while and finished the level at 28.9 seconds. Now who wants to write the trophy guide? I've added some comments to individual trophies and I'll probably continue adding more if that's helpful. Also, did everyone see Tiger Style Games' Twitter mentioning qtm1616166's post about playing after Platinum? I will be doing the same. I've managed to get 3rd place in a few maps (I think I had 2nd in one, too, but not sure).
  4. The final room in The Cave of Fire - A Slow Ascent is a much easier room for this trophy. It can be put together in under a minute and is pretty straight forward.
  5. I was just thinking about the Trials HD/Trials Fusion riddle, which is also insane, and they had music tracks that had hidden messages (binary perhaps, I forget) and they were sent all over the world to dig up keys that will unlock a time capsule to be opened 100 years from now buried underneath the Eiffel Tower (like I said, also insane). Anyone have any idea if sounds/music has been mentioned or found anything suspicious with the sounds/music in the game?
  6. I have Effulgence. I believe the solution was in this thread with the candle lighting order (screen flashes red when correct), go back to the ant colony, then jump in the middle of the room that opens where you enter the ant hole.
  7. Thanks, Skillyman! That's sort of what I figured, but good to know what I'm looking for now. I have I, V, & VI so far.
  8. Trophy: Challenge Accepted PSN: Drunk-ass Time Zone: Central (US) I just need someone to send me a challenge. I may be up for helping boosting respect if I'm drunk enough, but it's not a trophy I expect to spend any time on myself so I'm all about going by your rules for whatever you need (let you beat me or play fair, I sort of suck anyway) if I accept. I'm typically awake and playing a couple hours surrounding 4am CST on weekends.
  9. Hi all, I just finally got into co-op and finished it. I am needing the Professor Portal and Friends List With Benefits trophies. I would like to make this quick and painless and am not interested in a long-term relationship. However I have no objection to adds for Friends List With Benefits and would be glad to help with that. PSN: Drunk-ass SteamID: drunkass_steve Progress: Entire Game/Co-Op Completed Needs to be Hugged: Yes (hugged once so far) Other Trophies Needed: Professor Portal and Friends List With Benefits. Playtimes: Saturday Nights (Central Time), some week-nights
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