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  1. Looking to square away the Invite Only trophy! PSN: thousandmilewish 😊
  2. Looking for someone to help knock off the online trophies, PS3 version PSN: thousandmilewish (I'm located in Adelaide, Australia)
  3. PSN: thousandmilewish Usually online between 6-10pm, Australian time ☺
  4. I purchased the Accelerator then went ahead and finished all the Showcase matches.. then realised that I have obviously missed something because the trophy didn't pop Went through and did the HHH/Michaels one again, but still nothing! Looks like I might have to go through yet again, unless there is another way (apart from deleting game data) :/
  5. Wanting to boost all online trophies on PS4! Australian time zone, although I do have a bit of time off work so I will probably be online a reasonable amount over the next couple of weeks PSN: thousandmilewish Add me and let's do this!
  6. Is anybody else having trouble marking off the DLC trophies for Sniper Elite III for PS4?? I have earned the trophies for the first two parts of the DLC, but when I check the boxes and save, it doesn't seem to register it, and refreshes with the boxes still left unchecked. Anyone else having this problem?
  7. i cant get the rising star one either for some reason. been through a couple of times now..
  8. anyone feel like ripping through this on Cadet coop to knock off the trophy? add me PSN: thousandmilewish EDIT: I'm on PS4
  9. Pretty much looking for all of the online/co-op stuff at the moment Would be great to get the ribbons and the challenge stuff out of the way, then work on co-op campaign! Anyone who is keen - add me.. PSN is: thousandmilewish I'm in Australia (Adelaide) and am online most night times, so fire a friend request through and let's go!
  10. need any and all online/co-op trophies! PSN - thousandmilewish Timezone - +0930 (Adelaide, Australia) Add me and lets play!
  11. Is anyone else having trouble getting this trophy? I have done it a few times now, in various different sections of the game, and haven't had any luck yet. Single match - Have gone to overtime, then overtime again.. still nothing Career mode - Have played a draw with my current user team, no trophy Is anyone able to shed any light on what I might be doing wrong here?
  12. im online most nights during the week others that have posted in this thread ill add you tonight :-)
  13. anyone who is keen to boost the online trophies add me, psn is thousandmilewish
  14. great game havent really played the online too much yet, if anyone is keen to knock these trophies off then add me (im in Australia time zone) psn: thousandmilewish
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