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    Was born, currently slowly progressing towards my demise.
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  1. This sums it up. Agreed. You look at Krids percentage and you think "man, how does he do it?!" but then you open up his profile and conclude "anything is possible when Hakoom supplies you with an endless stream of Japanese VNs and other EZPZs...". This is simply what a healthy discussion looks like (granted it is mixed in with a generous splash of banter). It's not about "winning" or getting everyone to agree with you (or getting folks removed from the CLB). It's about sharing beliefs/motivations, and hopefully learning something from each other in the process. Clearly it's a topic that many find interesting, and for the most part, has been rage-free. If you cannot freely discuss an opinion on an internet forum... where the frack can you?
  2. This. /terminator Through the bullshit, there were some interesting new reasons I had not though of, so a thank you to the levelheaded for educating me. To wrap it up: here is my 100% subjective opinion on the 5 shades of grey with regards to alt accounts. Please ignore the random numbers. 1. Altruist This one suprised me the most: those who have alts to boost other players. Needless to say, yall are the real MVPs. 2. Social I think a lot of the hardcore completionists who are also active on this forum fall in this category. As much shit I give Krid for his alt, I think this category is perfectly fine. Edit: I would throw self-boosters into this category as well. 3. Watertester I created an alt when I had just bought a PSVR set, because I was worried I would be too nauseous to finish an added game. Didn't end up using it a lot, because I quit completionism shortly thereafter. Similarly, this is for those who use an alt to test if a game is for them before comitting, and I think this is were the proper grey starts as to what is "generally" considered fakepletionism. 4. Story-Enjoyer These are the people who see a game with an awesome story but with "unreasonable" trophies* and don't let their hobby get in the way of enjoying it. * (difficulty- or timewise, and maybe luckbased) 5. Fakepletionist. Similar to 4 but without the factor of "story": relegating games based on difficulty/time-commitment to an alt, to prevent tarnishing their "100% pristine profile". That's all folks. Enjoy your games and hobbies, and don't care too much what people like me think.
  3. It's all good man, I gathered you and ST were just fishing lol

  4. I bet those people don't have the time to hide uncompleted games on an alt... Never said how long people should take to complete a game, but the intent to do so (eventually) should be there. I forgive you though, because reading is hard, yo (was that mean? don't worry, I'll fake-apologize in a future post). Oh the irony... I can! "Shit gnome" is apt.
  5. 4cidmn.jpg


    I have no intention of derailing the CLB thread but I couldn't help myself in creating this. Hope you get a chuckle out of it as well!

  6. A little bit too hot for my tastes, but nothing a couple of fans cannot fix. Hope you're faring better, Hloody ^^

  7. Hey free, I am, thanks for asking!

    Hope you're good as well. ^^

  8. What's up? Was just looking at an old thread from 2013 that made me think. You started it. Hope you are well.

  9. Hope you're enjoying summer Remington, shame it's almost "August" already but what can you do

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