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  1. Having issues with checking off return to Arkham city DLC . I prefer to check them off myself. Each time I complete a DLC trophy and try to tick it off it will tick blue but not save it (it does not go green) It will only save and go green if I remove the game, tick all the trophies again and tick the one I want. I have to repeat this for every trophy. It’s getting a little frustrating now.
  2. Is there a ps5 list to this game?? Or is this it.
  3. Love the game. Love Ratchet and clank games but this is missing some harder trophies. All gold bolts, upgrade all weapons to omega, finish challenge mode etc.
  4. Why are the DLC trophies available to tick off like other trophies
  5. The tracker down. Is there a list anywhere
  6. Need help with the DC x2 area and the finish a level with someone. GMT on most evening after 6:45. PSN: nige55
  7. Silly question but are you doing them on races?? Is the badge for 1st appearing on the complete screen??. I got mine and I barley got into my emote before I jump for the finish and still got it. I believe I got my on the one with the spinning disc with arrows on them
  8. Would like to get squad goals out of the way. I’m ok I have won about four times now. Normally get to final. GMT (UK) on most evening after 6:30. nige55 fall guys in request please
  9. I been in the last round a few times but not this one. Last man standing with a tail. And a 5 or 6 layer stack where you can fall into the pit at the bottom. The floor collapses on you when you stand on it.
  10. Had no issues at all. Didn’t crash once. Have pro and digital version
  11. I have just completed my lvl 99 critical run. However the Organization bosses, Septhoroth and Wii are kicking my ass. If I re did the game on easy will these bosses be easier or just as hard
  12. For me it was No Fast Travel One glitched trophy (luckily the work around worked) All collectibles should have been on the map including Databanks, seeds, scans etc
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