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  1. No, just a combination of things.

  2. Cool username, Nexus Prime. Is it latin?

  3. Good guide. Just wanted to see what the best way to get the flipping trophies. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the guide Trophy Germany! I haven't bought the game yet, but it's nice knowing what I have to look forward to when I do.
  5. Haven't bought the game yet, but I came here for info on it. What timing that you just put up this guide. Thanks Poindexter2291 I appreciate it! Still have not decided yet, but this helps. :applause:
  6. Your guide was very helpful. Thank you!
  7. That suggestion has already been made and obviously some people prefer to do it otherwise. I've done it both ways. Not a big deal if people decide to help each other out, is it?
  8. Add me as well. NEXUSPRIME007 Please state "Sky Force" and or "PlayStation Trophies" in the message section of the request. Thanks!
  9. I gave it a 3. Possibly a 4. The mini games are sloppy, unbalanced and unnecessary.
  10. I had the same problem with some of the trophies, so I started a new game and have gotten all the ones I missed the first time through. This time through I had an error where I picked up an executive and they did not appear on my ship, but it still counted and I ended up getting "The Dream Team" trophy, even though only 11 execs show up on the ship instead of 12.
  11. Yep! I just came over here to post the same thing. I had 5 missions left in the first game to three star and that would have been my platinum. What garbage.
  12. I've played through all the games, (except the space invaders one), Gumi Domination and Dinner's Ready trophies will not open up. Hopefully they patch this again to fix this.
  13. Okay, I just opened Nightmare difficulty. There's four.
  14. It's 100 unique. Four difficulties? Am I missing something? There is only Normal, Hard and Insane.
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