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  1. What is your biography:whistle:

  2. hey man, your unit 13 trophy guide is missing its banner image, just thought i should give you a heads up

  3. This is completely wrong... You only need to do the FIRST mission and it CAN be done on Recruit. That is how I unlocked it. Just FYI for people who want to unlock it ASAP.
  4. Hi Sir, i was following your guide for Platinum Plants vs Zombies for Vita.


    Other users and I noticed that description for the trophy "Enlightened" can be improved, as most of us werent aware that you had to keep the plants until you unlock the trophy. Unfortunatelly i sold most of them and i am having to replay all Hard survivals 3-4 times to get those again.


    A few recommendations to include in the description

    1) Trophy will require you have all 39 plants in your gardens. So only sell the duplicates you already have.


    2) Where to find plants:

    survival day (hard) gives you plants from almanac line 1

    survival night(hard) gives you plants from almanac line 2

    survival pool (hard) gives you plants from almanac line 3

    survival fog (hard) gives you plants from almanac line 4

    survival roof (hard) gives you plants from almanac line 5

    - Credits for lusitan


    Link: http://www.ps3trophies.org/game/plants-vs-zombies-vita/trophy/43339-Enlightened.html

  5. First and hopefully obvious, you're playing online, correct? Because there is twenty. You can cycle through all twenty on the map screen...
  6. Have you tried it elsewhere? (I.E. a computer) And I haven't experienced anything myself, mind you I didn't touch the game much after patch, but it might be the blame. It seems to have fucked up more than it's fixed. You're best bet is to be patient and hopefully a fix will come or it will resolve it's self. (doubtful)
  7. The difference is in "Friends Only", anybody can join without an invite as long as they're friends with someone in the room, whereas private you must invite the people you want to join.
  8. After doing that, there should be a Strangers and Freaks mission labelled Starting the Truth(?) Something along those lines. Do the quest line.
  9. I just got back from there. They're not getting it until Friday.
  10. Okay, I've been looking everywhere for this dude but can't find him. When I check the citizen list he has a little symbol of a guy walking with a suitcase. Does this mean he hasn't arrived yet? That symbols been there for a REALLY long time...
  11. I had my suspicions about the pets too. I think the spawn rates a little fucked up as well. I've found 4 Slimes and one bat. With that said, would anyone trade me the other 3? I have a lot of items that I'm more than willing to part with in return, just ask. PSN: srh95 Thanks!
  12. Posted on your PvZ guide for a small update, thanks.

  13. Hi, In my personal opinion the game is actually very easy and is completely doable solo. I ran the archer for a while with no problems but later switch to sword warrior to better suit my play style. The game runs similar to any RPG whereas if you're keeping up with the upgrades and your weapons and suits + enhancing your suit (bronze, silver, gold) you should be fine. You will also have to manage your cards based on the type of quest. Some, such as bosses which require you to be constantly airborne, you might want to run an aerial set-up for more AP, etc. Another personal note, I think the 7 rating it got is very overrated. This game is a 2 or 3 if I was going to vote. Yes, grinding cards is a pain and yes, the bosses can be too the first time you fight them. But every boss has 5 or so moves that each have distinctive animations. Once you learn them, when to dodge and so, it's very manageable. If you still can't beat a quest, you can always set up an online lobby with "Help on chapter (insert here)". I'm sure at least one person will join. In my experience, RPG communities are very helpful. The hardest part of this game, is a boss you fight multiple times. I will not give his name unless you don't care, but you'll know who and you'll learn to hate him. But even he, once you understand the battle, is a joke- especially solo. Aside from that, the enemy I struggle most with solo are any form of giant. But if you prepare accordingly, you should get through okay. Hope I alleviated any concerned you might of had. Ragnarok Odyssey is a great game and a very fun platinum to go for. With a little patience it's easily achievable for even newcomers to the RPG scene. Veteran RPG players should blast through this game! If you have any questions feel free to ask. I'm sure I or someone else on the forums can help you. Good luck!
  14. Good luck with all that. Now, do you absolutely NEED 3 people or can it be done with 1 or 2 friends?
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