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  1. Well, I got the second dose of the vaccine on Tuesday afternoon. Felt fine for the rest of the day but started to feel a little weird that same night. By morning the next day I had a constant headache, chills and crazy body aches and my arm was killing me where I got the shot. The symptoms unfortunately lasted all day and night Wednesday. Thursday I still had some light body aches and a less severe but consistent headache. The headache and body aches finally went away today but I've felt a little weak and dizzy at times. So yeah, at the height of my symptoms, if that was a taste of what Covid is like, no thanks. Just really annoying because I had no side effects from the first dose but this second dose really messed me up for a few days.
  2. Yeah, most people that I've talked to that had side effects said their symptoms lasted for about half a day. Then they felt completely fine. I get my second dose tomorrow so fingers crossed that it's uneventful.
  3. Definitely getting Scott Pilgrim. Played it a ton back in 2010, should be a good nostalgia trip. Now, which version?
  4. Sorry to interject. I received the first dose of the vaccine the week after Christmas. I felt fine then and feel fine now, no apparent side effects. The only noteworthy side effect was that my arm muscle was sore from the injection but that is pretty common with any shot that is given in the deltoid muscle. I've been asking other co-workers how they've felt after receiving the vaccine thus far. Interestingly people who have had the Covid-19 infection have felt a reaction and side effects to the vaccine. People who felt nothing from the vaccine had no covid infection previously, that we know of anyway. I'll be getting the second dose in a few weeks so I'll update again with how I feel.
  5. Merry Christmas vegetollo

    1. vegetollo7


      Little late but same to you!

  6. It was on bad terms. He was sued by Sony for trademark infringement I believe for appearing in a Bridgestone commercial that featured a Wii promotion.
  7. Whenever I get a PS5 I'll have Bugsnax ready to download.
  8. Middle Earth: Shadow of War - 7/10 Combat is mostly the same from the first game but can be enjoyable once you unlock certain abilities. The story was meh and the fortress sieges kind of got old quick near the end of the game.
  9. Very helpful, thank you. Much easier than I anticipated overall.
  10. Found an amazing deal at cdkeys.com. You can get a year subscription for $30. And when I redeemed it I actually got a year and three months. So yeah, jump on this while you can!
  11. Any good deals on PS+ memberships this year?
  12. Limited Run Games is releasing the Castlevania anniversary collection. Maybe there's hope that they'll do the same for this collection.
  13. Not necessarily. They said exclusivity will be on a case by case basis. Also, think of this scenario, you buy a Bethesda game on PS5 for full price ($70) and that money goes right back into the pocket of Microsoft since they now own Bethesda. I could see it going either way honestly.
  14. Bummer. Oh well, moving on. Thanks Terminator.
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