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  1. Naps

    Wow I kinda dig this one in your sig: GTA VI:ce City - this could be a good marketing ploy. Good one lad, you nailed it!

  2. Is it just me that's teamed with absolute retards? Playing Til Death Do Us Part, almost every match my partner either runs out into the open spraying and praying or doesn't watch their flank, only once or twice I actually had a half decent partner, then played Offence Defence for something different as the Blocker, caught up with first position and one by one play the role extremely well(thinking this win will be well deserved), my Runner goes from last to first and has a huge gap ahead of the rest, then apparently flew off the highway and gets stuck behind a barrier, I'd assumed Runners had respawn too, this guy though doesn't use it and instead drives all the way back taking a good 30-40 seconds and allowing everyone else to get in front of him, I'm confident we could have won round 2 but half way through it he just gives up and starts screwing around:mad:
  3. Picked up VC, bit of a hefty price imo but I've been wanting this to have trophy support for so long:dance: I'll leave III and SA until there's a decent discount, not too bothered about them personally +1 to what's been said about the controls, no mapping either so stuck with a few variations but it's not too bad once you get the hang of it again. It feels a bit clunky but it seems pretty easy, only played it for a few hours so far though so can't comment on the bigger missions
  4. Thanks, actually I skipped Black Flag because of the sailing stuff:p Been playing with my brother and getting him to do most of that side of things, not at all difficult or anything I just don't like it, not in a game about Assassins anyway. I've enjoyed the New York stuff so far though. Beginning to understand others' dislike for the stalkers, quite a few times I've failed the "do not enter open conflict" type objectives because of them, can see how that would piss people off but I'm not going for 100% sync so it's not an issue for me
  5. Does this one have much of the naval stuff? It's only £10 on PSN but I want to play an actual AC game again not the ship simulator bs they've been shoveling out
  6. Can't remember where I saw it but R* made it clear leading up to IV that the storylines are entirely seperate and don't affect each other Just search for gta universe or something, it'll give a better explanation
  7. If you go into the creator it gives you the SP menu so you can get back to invite only slightly quicker Once I was attempting to host my own setup, people weren't joining so backed out, an invite popped up for the same one, joined that and strangely it counted it for my own board, no idea how and haven't been able to do it again, just a glitch but it would make it a hell of a lot easier to fire through these setups if you could do it that way
  8. Frxn

    Heist help???

    The L on the map is at his warehouse next to the highway (same as in single player), is it definitely not there?
  9. You should be playing every heist and mission in general on hard really
  10. Exactly what I do, I'd rather get it started straight away especially after waiting for so long. Afterall I'm looking for enemies and watching my mini-map, not checking out my character so it really makes no difference. Or host only so they can't pick, haven't tried it but it was my first thought reading OP
  11. Looks outdated, I made a similar thread for that stuff a while back but R* changed payouts again Just ran two missions solo (additional bonuses if playing with a friend/crew member), free aim, hard, camera lock first-person: Mixed Up With Coke: $10,350 2068RP Trash Talk: $13,720 2845 RP So that list isn't very accurate anymore based on those two, but it should at least give an indication for the best missions to try then take note of what you get and narrow it down further Also completion time seems to be a consideration now, not sure how that plays into it
  12. Randoms are fcked in the head, if they're not leaving the game they're running/driving right into the middle of a bunch of enemies or constantly firing RPGs getting themselves blown up:facepalm: And that's after going through countless lobbies of people leaving after 30 seconds before someone else comes to do the same, then you've got shit like being booted back to freeroam/singleplayer after starting a mission, getting stuck in the clouds, freezing after completing an objective.. Obviously these are intended for a co-ordinated group, but it's just been far too long I and I'm sure many others have no-one to play this with anymore and given that I work irregular/random hours I can't exactly plan to meet up with anyone through forum etc. because work comes first and my schedule is constantly changing. Sure I could add a bunch of people and go with whoever happens to be online at the time but from past experience I'm really not up to dealing with noobs I add to play with then get hassled to help them with a trophy or award or some shit, doesn't matter if you tell them when adding you're not interested they still try to waste your time with it. "Please I just need this one thing then I'll play with you", "While we're here could I get this it will only take a minute", "I helped you with that mission can you do this" etc. fuck off It doesn't help that the setup missions are for the most part pointless, they worked in single player but in multi it just doesn't flow like that, if anything have each heist as a single mission and do the setup during that, or at least a single setup mission with a heist run, it's just a huge time waster. More fool me for believing heists would turn it around.
  13. Hahahaha:facepalm: If your KD is almost 2 and you're only a few away why not just go into a TDM with auto aim?
  14. I was going to suggest contacting Rockstar North directly but unfortunately their site passes you off to Rockstar Games support too, could maybe try email, one I know is cv@rockstarnorth.com but you'd probably just piss some recruiter off lol EDIT: Sorry, missed the second page
  15. Had the same issue, for me it was the parachutes, had done so many of them but it never counted for some reason. Tried again recently and got it, just try and work out what it is it thinks you're missing and go for it again (maybe the social club will help with this)
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