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  1. i've started the game with the latest patch 1.02, played for a few hours, when i leave the game and try to continue a bit later the continue save list is empty, but the save is on PS4, i can upload it to PS+, the point is that it exists but in the game the save list is just empty. anyone else having this problem on 1.02?
  2. they won't add any new PvE types so i'd say May is safe, but following their random trophy pattern they can easily do one trophy to play like 5 coop missions in a party of 4 or something like that
  3. more like following the footsteps in a shoes 5 sizes too small and it hurts sooo much and after Rockstar there are literally hurdles and Ubisoft also has to jump over them, ouch.......
  4. some of the Trials Fusion trials are unbearable and so are Airspray activities just "trowing a controller out of a windows bad"
  5. prepare for some Trials Fusion (and yes, i mean Trials Fusion, literally Trials Fusion) and uncontrollable planes to 100% this DLC
  6. Throw7, thanks man for sticking around. P.S. state of the coop game is at its low, 4 out of 5 times it just crashes, kicks people, disconnects, expecting Ubisoft twitter to be harassed a lot in the upcoming week, well they kinda deserve it.
  7. surprise, MP:A has no servers, all is peer-to-peer (just like ME3 was), so there is no one but your team mates' or your own ISP to blame
  8. i read like 7 reviews, all of which are rather mediocre about the game, however none of the reviews mention the benefactor lore, links to reapers (yes, reapers and collectors are in the game lore and mentioned not once, but multiple times in a very interesting context), architects boss fights, almost a civil war one one of the planets, krogan crysis, etc. etc. etc. etc. 6 out of 7 reviews looked like they didn't even finish the game very sad state of the game journalism and game reviews in general, it might even look like they did it on purpose because EA didn't pay them this time and they deliberately bashed on the face animation over and over again instead of focusing on the real essence of the game.
  9. please pay attention, my comment was about the other guy (rotoninja) referring to the Terminator and stating that it is bad nothing has been fixed while at the same time two posts above that DeMert has confirmed that money trophies have been fixed bottomline #1: this person was propagating the false information P.S. Terminator was also spreading the false information as he stated that it has been checked with people where some alleged person(s) confirmed that nothing has been fixed, look exactly what he has said: "I've had a look over on PSNP and people have confirmed that the new patch, doesn't fix any of the glitched trophies ." bottomline #2: both Terminator and rotoninja were spreading false info, one has relayed if from the other site, the other one was propagating the false information on this forum.
  10. he generally stated that trophies didn't get fixed, which is not true and some people including me confirm that money-related trophies are fixed, so his general statement is false, unless ge goes back and specifies it, simple logic
  11. if you would have read post right above you would have known that the patch actually fixes the money trophies as DeMert has indicated in this very thread, both spend and earn 500K pop up as soon as you pick up any money and make a deposit, so Terminator i completely wrong and is spreading false information
  12. very annoying, some really grindy mainly because of terrible controls and some really glitchy P.S. if you restart you loose the progress on "Be Not Afreight", "Ruler Of the Seven Skies" and "Bacon Marauder", those have to be done in one go (you can still respawn though)
  13. nothing is about mission 25 times, this forum thread is still just one page, look up, read about the missions named "off the hook" and if desire so go for the trophy
  14. yes, 110%, was doing this shit with stupid randoms for about 5 hours and got the trophy and yes, you have to do "off the hook" as it states in the description, why would you do anything else? like really?
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