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    I switch a lot between games.
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    used to be a big trophy whore for the first 2 years, then platinums got too time consuming

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  1. Agent 77 IPA from New Belgium Voodoo Series
  2. I did it!!!! Got the platinum today… hands down probably the hardest platinum to date… what a challenge but it is possible!
  3. Finally finished act 3 on veteran. Time for nightmare , 53,600 ridden and nightmare run are my only remaining trophies. (Plus the armored breaker but that’s a nightmare run trophy)
  4. This is by far the most difficult platinum I have ever attempted. Even with the new update this platinum trophy is so far out of reach for a majority of players. I’ve put countless hours into this game and still can’t even finish act 3 on veteran.. nightmare is an absolute shit show. Unless you have a full team of really good players you have almost no shot at this platinum. Good luck and may the RNG be ever in your favor
  5. Platinum is easy there was nothing I found difficult. The time to platinum is actually extended because you can only take on one insurgency per week. So technically you need to wait almost 3 weeks to get the platinum after beating the game.
  6. Love to see this thread is still going miss you all!! Haven't been on PStrophies for awhile now but i am still gaming and still drinking different beers
  7. same bs happened to me, just completed all FND bases no trophy. Accidentally joined somebodies game last night and they were completing an FND base, literally as i spawned in he completed it and cost me my trophy.... nobody to blame but myself but still annoyed. What a broken co-op system. *EDIT* i just popped the trophy, seems there was a 22nd FND base, not sure if it was mission related but it popped up for me randomly. It was La Divinidad Cathedral FND base in Esperanza. Hope you still get yours.
  8. been grinding on the platinum, definitely a 7+ IMO as some trophies are difficult to achieve and require a ton of luck combined with skill to unlock. I am currently at 70% towards platinum and only have the specific masterminds trophies left .. good luck everybody (also requires a lot of grinding because certain trophies require you to be a high level but that has nothing to do with my rating)
  9. Jill Valentine arrives as a survivor on April 17th! More content to come in the future https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/resident-evil-resistance-more-content/
  10. There is a by pass for Tyrone’s self determination trophy (level 17 perk). I was able to get it being only level 8 in what is likely a fluke scenario but you may be able to reenact it. I was playing against a spencer and Valerie used her healing ultimate, spencer then placed his death wall which killed me, valeries ultimate revived me and then her ultimate went out and she died so I revived her and the trophy popped.
  11. Creating this for questions and to point out a tip. The 3 survivors you should focus on first is January, Tyrone and Valerie as they have trophies that require a perk that unlocks at level 17. Becca, Samuel and Martin can have their trophies unlocked at rank 1, (Samuel's defeat 5 enemies with melee in 30 seconds can be difficult though if you don't have added equipment perks for increasing melee damage) if you can, try to always run 4 people in your party as it is much easier to get into a match.
  12. Yea there was an infinite ammo cheat, I believe it was hold R1 and press square 10 times in the config settings.
  13. Seems this is incorrect, Jordana Brewster just announced that fast 9 has actually been pushed to this date due to coronavirus, a whole f*cking year seems ridiculous but whatever.
  14. hahaha my bad, and yea they probably could have dragged it out, but given filming has started it was bound to get leaked anyways. Best to just come out and confirm what everybody already knew.
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