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  1. I think I'll start setting back 10 dollars a month for a PS5. I figure that way by the time I have enough saved l will actually be buy able one without jumping through hoops 😛 It'll probably have more than three games I want by then as well, so win-win.
  2. Yes you'll have to download the new launcher and all your trophies should auto-pop when you start it. If you check your library the new launcher should already be in it.
  3. Grabbed a copy of Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories. Wasn't planning on buying another game anytime soon but it looks like it was going up in prices so I pulled the trigger.
  4. 60% completion (currently at 54.80% on PSNP and 53.97% here, dunno how that works, maybe our trophy stats count 0% games?) Beat the main story/campaign/whatever of every game I start this year. Have at least 60% trophy completion in every game I play this year.
  5. This looks like something Sony slapped together in a couple of months after the success of Game Pass, and not an actual Game Pass competitor. I can understand not wanting to work on a proper PS3 emulator for PS4 at this point, but there is no reason there shouldn't be one for PS5, instead of streaming being the only option. Oh wait there is a reason, some big wig at Sony doesn't care about old games so this is what we're stuck with. If they actually expand the retro offerings I might bite, but as it is I'll stick with the bottom tier.
  6. I would honestly just wait. I don't think there is a guarantee that you could even get the platinum, even if you get all the skill based ones apparently some trophies rely on daily shop RNG to get certain cosmetics you need. I think somebody calculated that you have an 80% chance of getting the cosmetics you need in time, but do you really want to risk being in the 20%?
  7. They could patch it but they won't. Closing servers basically means any and all support is long over, no way would they spend the money developing and pushing out a patch for a game that produces basically no money for them anymore. It sucks especially in the case of this game since the online was completely and utterly unnecessary.
  8. I'm pretty sure all the big names have left Rockstar at this point, and humor these days is all about walking on eggshells so I imagine GTA6 would dial way back on any edginess. I can't imagine that it ISN'T in development but at this point... I don't care. They could drop the trailer tomorrow and I don't think I'd even bother to watch it. I hate GTAO so much it unreal. I hate it so much that my anger has completely burnt out at this point. I see more awful greedy shit like this and I know I should be even angrier but I don't feel anything. Also STOP BUYING SHARK CARDS.
  9. PSN: Lion_Squid Log: https://psnprofiles.com/Lion_Squid/log #12,024 - Tunnel Rat #12,025 - Running Wild - Use a melee weapon to blow up 20 Cars. #12,033 - The Little Black Fish
  10. Would "Blues" count as a color? I don't think it would but I figure it doesn't hurt to ask.
  11. #12,000 Trophy I was planning on having the Bully platinum be my 12k milestone, but I got too into Generation Zero so uh... yeah Need a Packet platinum for my milestone. Weird game. Also 169th plat, wonder if I could hit 200 this year?
  12. PSN: Lion_Squid Log: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/profiles/Lion_Squid/log 3 - #11954 Adept Onryō - Achieve a merciless victory with The Onryō using only her 3 unique perks in a public match. 1 - #11955 Sketchy - Start any drawing in Episode 1 4 - #11957 Ranger - Find optional collectible #4 in Episode 1 1 - #11958 Bonus Miles - Find optional collectible #3 in Episode 1 5 - #11960 Trail Angel - Find optional collectible #5 in Episode 1
  13. Hmmm, might give this a try. I only need to find a 1. And a 3. And also a 4 🤔 Edit: By complete coincidence I have already earned a 3 trophy today, and already found a 4 trophy. Just gotta track down that 1 I guess.
  14. So it looks like BHVR has finally decided to add a difficult, are rather time consuming survivor trophy. Feels like it's been ages since that's happened, though I suppose blessing hex totems took a while. If you're curious, like I was, I found out what you actually have to do to get this trophy. Credit to Reaper2266 of Reddit who discovered this on the official forums: It looks like someone needs to be injured while more than 16 meters away from you, and then they need to come to you for healing before you leave the 16 meter radius of where you were standing when they were injured.
  15. Ah, must just be a PS4 issue. But yeah DbD occasionally has trophy problems but they always get fixed.
  16. It looks like the Sadako Rising DLC for Dead by Daylight (PS4) is non-syncing? It doesn't show up on PSNP and whenever I try and manually sync my trophies I get an error. PS5 might also be experiencing problems since it's been out for a few hours and all the new trophies are still sitting at 0%
  17. Ugh, well it wouldn't be a sports game without some awful platinum killing trophies. I'd like to say maybe the free grind won't be so bad but I really do expect it to be very bad.
  18. Some of the screenshots make it look like it might potentially be micro transaction heavy? I think it was a screenshot of MyFaction and it looked like it involved cards. Good looking trophy images, still got that classic Snickers one as well 🤣
  19. Mostly been doing prep for the upcoming Ringu chapter in Dead by Daylight and finishing up the current Fortnite season, but I also started one of the most blatant Pokemon clones ever, Nexomon. It's a fun little game, but doesn't have the same spark.
  20. Wow, all four of the games I was planning on playing are currently unplatable. Monster Crown, Martha is Dead, Avengers, and Sheltered. I figure the first three have good chances of being patched, but looks like I'm screwed on Sheltered until I can get a PC. Or maybe borrow a laptop? Either way Sheltered is going back on the (digital) shelf for a long time. I gotta say this thread has gotten depressingly long, but thank you for keeping it maintained Terminator.
  21. Playing through Remothered Broken Porcelain. Just beat it for the first time, kinda janky but I enjoyed it. Now these trophies on the other hand, will completely kill my enjoyment I imagine. I don't think they'll be hard, but annoying. Beat the game in less than five hours, without dying, and without manually saving... possibly another play through to knockout every enemy if progress doesn't carry between saves for that trophy, farming stabs, dying five different ways... ugh.
  22. The top service just sounds like current PS+ and PS Now combined, so I'm expecting 120 a year for it, which is the combined price of both of them. I'm prepared to be wrong though.
  23. I couldn't find enough distance. I think I found like 1600 from Bully. I do remember reading a trophy list and thinking it was perfect for the event but I can't remember what that list was and if it was a game I actually owned or not. On the plus side a rare award for the winners!
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