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  1. Is anyone excited for the Suzuki Escudo or the Watkins Glen track? I love Watkins from the Nascar games and abused the Escudo in GT2 🤪
  2. Some of these are grindy, some are weird. Drifting in F1? Supercars? 'Fighting for first' is a cool trophy, I must say.
  3. https://www.truetrophies.com/n21271/f1-22-trophy-list A lot of us can kiss our Platinum streak goodbye, thanks to 1 online trophy.
  4. Duplicate Post. Please remove if necessary.
  5. Guys. Way off topic, but is there something we can do to get the 'What's New' feature from PS4 to the 5? I never know if my friends are earning trophies anymore. That feature brought me closer to PSN friends. There's nothing like it in PS5 land. I need it back, but I'm just one voice.
  6. A Gran Turismo movie??? Who will play Luka? Luka Doncic? Who will play the car wash guy?? 🤣 https://deadline.com/2022/05/gran-turismo-movie-neill-blomkamp-video-game-adaptation-sony-playstation-1235033958/amp/
  7. If 4 had trophy support, it might have been up there with 5 as far as hard GT Platinums are concerned. Just a hunch. We'll never know I guess. GT5 Prologue might have been the easiest GT Plat. Again, we'll never know 🤔
  8. I saw on Redfit that there will be server maintenance 5/26- 6:00-8:00 UTC. I don't know what time that is in the US or UK, but is that just maintenance or a Tomahawk patch as well? I suggest anyone still grinding, get more in just in case....
  9. I appreciate the tips and encouragement! All I needed was to get one Super Gold to see there is a chance at this Plat. I'm not in a rush, because I got the GT6 Plat very late! I got Gold on S-1 with a controller, but have a good wheel and GT Omega stand to knock out the rest. BTW, buying that Jaguar XJ13 tomahawked my credits just now 🤣
  10. Finally got Gold on Super License Test 1! There is hope. I still haven't tried 8,9, or 10 yet, believe it or not. Kind of late to the party, but better late than never with the supers. I have Silver on 2-5 and 7, so there is a shot at this Plat.
  11. I bought the Ford, and immediately put a cover on it since i won't drive it 🤪 Maybe I'll do a time trial or two, so it doesn't feel 'used,' as in used for a trophy 🤣
  12. If anyone is having problems, and i did!!, I found this setup to work like a charm for me for "Tomahawk II:The Revenge" 🤪
  13. I thought I was good at Nordschleife.....until I tried a few early sectors in CE. 😳 Maybe I'm not even close! If anyone Golds that whole thing, you should be given a real million dollars/euros. That's gonna take some practice, and hours of work!
  14. I have about 12 Mil, so a bit short. Someone may find another exploit to help me get the rest for the last 2 legendaries.
  15. Jesus wept 🤣 I had a shot to do it a few more times, last night but forgot. Was caught up in mini-seasons on MLB The Show. At this time, I'd like to thank the person who found the exploit. The community here would like to present you with a plaque for the help you gave many. You're plaque is the same generic car in the trophy icons. 🤪 Thank you, and drive safely.
  16. I got 1 million credits from a 6 star ticket for finishing the Finale. Not bad, but for the most part it seems rigged like a slot machine.
  17. What's a bit of a shame is those that popped it and those that will, will get that same boring generic, yet Silver car icon! I mean, is there a way to patch in new trophy icon art? Something 'legendary' like this dickhead trophy deserves a unique trophy icon imo 🤪
  18. Great point, because I did a lot in those wet sections! Every time I hit a car it still said 'hit barrier.' I said 'thank you!' A few times, I put on wet tires. Even got the tire & fuel pit trophies in one shot. Was going to leave the remaining trophies in case I don't Gold all Supers. Still only Silvers in 4 of the 6 I tried. Lost interest somehow. Better late than never, I say!
  19. Wow. Congrats, man. Don't spend it in one night in Vegas! Maybe you can help this guy
  20. 3 of 10. For me personally, 2 of 10 if you take out RNG for a couple of these. I got 60% on the PS4 in less than 2 hours after i figured out how to do the dynamic difficulty ones. It was a bit of a joke. The backwards K was the only toughie for me, since I use Meter pitching.
  21. I've got to hurry and unlock that Tokyo race before it gets patched. MLB The Show '22 has taken over a bit! I still have to finish the Cafe. Part of me wants it to last forever, though.
  22. This may be the best way. They were my last trophies for the Plat on the 5. I wanted to get them quickly on the 4. This is a great method.
  23. I was grinding XP with juiced rosters on the PS4. The roster is made up of all 'Joe Randoms.' The trophy popped after I struck out the side. That's 3 batters. Why? Because they all had the same name!!! I guess the trophy is triggered by last name, so if you strike out Trey Turner and Justin Turner of the Dodgers, you have 2 K's down!
  24. It's that 'Sophy' A.I. they were raving about, I guess 😄
  25. I got lucky in the options intro game. Someone on the Braves hit a shot to Eduardo Escobar of my Mets to 3rd! Use deGrom and throw low fastballs. The Pinpoint Pitching one will be hard for me, since I'm terrible at it!
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