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    I'm an over 30 gamer who plays way too much.
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    In a basket
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    EST (GMT-5)
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    I'm an avid G.I. Joe collector, focusing mostly on the ARAH and 25th Anniversary lines.
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    Construction Manager

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    GoW III Remastered- Challenges and Chaos mode

    MGSV TPP- FOBs- 936 successful infiltrations and co
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    ALBEDO: Eyes From Outer Space
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    ACT IT OUT! A Game of Charades
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    70% completion

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  1. Nice Nope avatar. We are both deplorables.

  2. Happy new year! I hope that this upcoming year is much better for you and your loved ones than the last and that you achieve your goals and that everyone around you has good health. :bearhug:


    Yes I'm copying & pasting VM this to most of the community but I really mean it!

  3. I'm getting the same message a lot lately. Early on in the game I had around 15 saves but I'm down to 10 now because the game keeps telling me I don't have enough space to overwrite an existing save. I guess 83 gigs on my hdd isn't enough.
  4. Keyser Soze


    I just ran in to the same problem as the OP, although not quite as bad. I finished Cohen's masterpiece, went to deal with the Bouncers and died. The game crashed while loading my last save, error (CE-34878-0). When I try to continue from the main menu I get the message "Failed to load saved game." I get the same message for the next two saves as well. I have a save from just before putting the last picture up that will load but it switched me from Survivor to Medium and turned Vita Chambers on. The save before that one seems to work properly so I'm going to see how far that gets me. The game has also frozen on the pause screen several times, usually after suspending the game or going to the xmb. Playing NA digital on a launch PS4 with the factory hdd. EDIT: I was doing ok for a while but if I die after picking up my reward from Cohen the game crashes and corrupts the save. EDIT 2: It took going back to my seventh save but I was able to get out of Fort Frolic without having my save corrupt.
  5. KeyserSoze515 Took Awhile... Doodle Devil http://card.psnprofiles.com/1/KeyserSoze515.png V: Processed!! Grats on the Blackout!!!!
  6. KeyserSoze515 Royal Flush マブラヴ photonflowers* 8/2 カレイドイヴ 8/13 マブラヴ オルタネイティヴ トータル・イクリプス 8/20 BELIEVER! 8/23 http://card.psnprofiles.com/1/KeyserSoze515.png By my count that brings me up to 24 but you currently only show me with 22. V: This is good and you are correct - I was missing your "It's a Start" submission from your original monster sign-up. No more monster sign-ups plz, lol. Keep it short and simple!
  7. KeyserSoze515 Tiles: Plus Size Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Colorful Purple Demons- Gat Out of Hell (Trophy #12,801) Blue Spaceship- Galaga (Trophy #12,787) Orange- Pacman (Trophy #12,725) It Wasn't on the To-Do List Bargaining Chip- Batman: Arkham City (Trophy #12,839) Contract Terminated- Batman: Arkham City (Trophy #12,838) Mystery Stalker- Batman: Arkham City (Trophy #12,836) http://card.psnprofiles.com/1/KeyserSoze515.png V: Processed!
  8. Resubmission Don't Mind if I DLC Never Alone Additional Tiles Magpie Trophies: Parallax View, Lenscrafted, The Reflex Game: Life is Strange I <3 Staff 14 trophies earned on 8/6/16, 12,776-12,789 in my trophy log PST Participation TLoU game night I Like a Little Variety マブラヴ photonflowers*- visual novel The Walking Dead Michonne- adventure Never Alone - puzzle/platformer http://card.psnprofiles.com/1/KeyserSoze515.png V: There ya go! Now it's a Bingo!! Grats!!!
  9. :applause: for your avatar.
  10. Our group is down to 3. Anyone have room to merge? Edit: Guess we're only two now.
  11. The only time that trophy won't pop is if you've been quitting missions after completing the tasks rather than finishing the mission. Complete a mission and the game will check that all Mission Tasks are complete and the trophy should pop.
  12. Sorry in advance to whoever gets stuck processing this, but here you go: KeyserSoze515 Line: THL Flashbacks The Walking Dead: Michonne My Training Is Complete Above & Beyond- Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Free Space Quick Snap CSL_GoTp's Hitman GO: Definitive Edition Trophies - PSNProfiles.com 8/2/16 9:18:48pm KeyserSoze515's 8/2/16 9:18:16pm Don't Mind If I DLC The Walking Dead: Michonne Additional Tiles: Thanks, Partner! Friendship Rules- Borderlands 2 It's a Start Breaking Not So Bad- Diablo III: Reaper of Souls List: Breaking Warbear's Representing the ABQ I'll Stack This Later The Walking Dead: Michonne Gameception Best Score!- Uncharted 4: A Thief's End I See What You Did There Her?- Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Reference: In Arrested Development, George Micheal's girlfriend Egg Anne Bejeweled- Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Reference: Game of the same name Socket to Me- Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Reference: Play on the catch phrase "sock it to me" from the '60s show Laugh In Multi-tasker A Mystical Meeting- Diablo III: Reaper of Souls 8/1/16 3:20:57 PM Quiet Time- The Walking Dead: Michonne 8/1/16 3:47:26 PM Parallax View- Life is Strange 8/1/16 4:13:20 PM Set Down Our Deeds- Game of Thrones 8/1/16 4:39:28 PM I Thought I Heard Something- Uncharted 4: A Thief's End 8/1/16 5:17:48 PM Spellbound Parallax View- Life is Strange Set Down Our Deeds- Game of Thrones The Old, the True, the Brave- Game of Thrones Breaking Not So Bad- Diablo III: Reaper of Souls I Thought I Heard Something- Uncharted 4: A Thief's End None so Wise- Game of Thrones Give And Take (Mostly Take)- Tales From the Borderlands Ours is the Fury- Game of Thrones Trophies 12,715-12,722 in my Trophy Log This is My Boomstick Sabre Rattler- Borderlands 2 Defeat 10 in 60 -- China Lake GL- Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Boom County- Uncharted 4: A Thief's End A TellTale of Two Trophies Ours is the Fury- Game of Thrones Give And Take (Mostly Take)- Tales From the Borderlands Perfect Sequence 2.0 Bronze- Apprentice- METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN Silver- Scenic Route- Super Stardust Ultra Gold- 全てのムービーを鑑賞- マブラヴ photonflowers* Platinum- マブラヴ photonflowers*- マブラヴ photonflowers* (Not a typo, the plat and game have the same name) Trophies 12,751-12,754 in my Trophy Log http://card.psnprofiles.com/1/KeyserSoze515.png V: Bad news bears. Out of the 14 tiles, we can only accept 13 and unfortunately, the one that we can't is in the Bingo line (the others don't complete a line on their own). The Walking Dead Michonne does not have a separate DLC list for trophies so we cannot accept that game for that tile. I'm keeping record of the 13 tiles that are good so you just need to resubmit the DLC tile. Once the tile has been replaced, I'll update your score on the scoreboard.
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