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  1. The Miami picks are Top 10 protected until 2017. Cleveland also does potentially have Memphis' pick next year (don't know the protection rights), so they could have three first round picks next year.
  2. Lol, saw this. http://abload.de/img/lebetrayalwkbns.gif
  3. First look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uex9KqITM2Q
  4. That is what it felt like, but that is rather inaccurate. Most of MS' exclusives were trailers with none to very little gameplay. Very few of their exclusives had any extended demos compared to the 3rd party/multiplatform games on stage. From a quick count (ignoring that Indie montage), they had 10 exclusives and 7 multiplatform games. Anyway I voted maybe. Scalebound and Ori were the only games to catch my attention, the former having zero gameplay...so can't really judge that.
  5. Yea, gonna be asleep by the time this starts. I'll catch the recap tomorrow
  6. I can agree on the first one. The combat was unappealing and a grind.
  7. Yes. E3 Live 2014 | June 10 | SPIKE
  8. http://i.imgur.com/lgpXhnj.png
  9. The problem is since its only on certain legendaries, are you really going to use those over the alternatives? For example, with my current character, I could go for 95% MF, 8% attack speed from nagelring and cains(which is only a 9.5% boost to legendaries) or I could go for 18% dmg to lightning skills, 50% bonus dmg to elites, 15% reduced dmg from elites, 250vit, 7% reduced dmg from melee/ranged from SoJ, Blackthornes and Aughilds. My kill speed would be much slower and my survivability would be worse. Say the normal drop rate for legendaries is 1%, with 95% magic find it would now be 1.095%. That difference simply isn't worth the trade off in how much slower enemies are dying, or enough to dent BS RNG. Kills per hr/rift clearing time would be much faster with said gear. Now, you're right, I'll actually rephrase my statement. If you can keep relatively same killing speed while increasing your MF, then yes, it is worth it.
  10. Adding on to your statements! It is also a useless stat now. You also receive a Horadic Cache if you complete all bounties in one act which may contain a legendary. Certain legendaries are exclusive to bounty caches. Disclaimer: If you transmog certain class sets, they can't be reverted to their normal appearance.
  11. Yea, because so many of them have horrible mob density. I love clearing a whole floor of 30 mobs...I'm looking at you Pandemonium Fortress
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