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  1. You're welcome, haha. :)

  2. Thank you falcOn! :bow:

  3. FINALLY, a webpage describing the basic controls thoroughly! You sir are a God! Going to take a while to figure it all out but certainly better than nothing!
  4. You mean Bloodstone as in 007? I don't even own that game! :rofl:

  5. Thanks for all the trophy guides, roadmaps and walkthroughs for all 5 episodes, they were all thorough and helpful. The only odd thing was that the retail version had a lot of the trophies as rather than , odd. Perfect ending to a perfect game, minus the glitches and freezing.
  6. Bloodstone? Sounds like something from Sorcery. What about it?

  7. This is probably the millionth time I've sat down and though, right, let me get down to King of Fighters XIII because it's annoying there at 0% but I still haven't got a clue. I can't even get past the tutorial! The tutorial is in no way helpful for people who are new to the game as all tutorials should be and frankly this game is impossible to complete, they just assume you know what you're doing, when frankly I don't! I'm not sure where to even begin when playing this game. Is there any point when I don't even know how to work the controls?
  8. Thanks, sorry for the late reply, I rarely ever log into PS3T anymore. ;)

  9. Thanks, I know this is really late but you know I'm not active on the forums anymore :p

  10. Happy birthday mate!

  11. Again, the trophies don't say you're not allowed to do that. If they think it's cheating they should have mentioned it in all the trophies so none of this mess would be happening.
  12. I'd rather just keep 51% and a , so long as I've got the I'm fine with it! Talking of that, I need to get back to completing the main trophies for U3.
  13. Why are people starting to flame at each other over the situation? Different people have different methods on obtaining trophies. Some do it naturally and others need extra help from their friends, it happens and there's no point in hating on each other about it! Personally I think it's also ridiculous. In almost ALL multiplayer games people boost for trophies. For those who thinks it's cheating. It is not cheating. This isn't to hate on anyone who does think so but you're an idiot if you think so, let's take an example. And Stay Down! - Win 50 matches of Elimination. Now, where in that trophy does it say you have to do it with public players? That's right, it doesn't. It just says you need to win 50 matches of Elimination. It doesn't say you can't do all 50 with your friends, now does it? No, it does not. So it is not cheating, cheating would be to hack your wins as you don't actually win as it says you need to 'Win 60 matches of Elimination' It does not say you must do it with public players, meaning boosting should be allowed. So take that example those who think otherwise as none of the trophies say they must be done playing publicly without any friends to help you boost. If they did, it would be cheating, but it doesn't, so it isn't. Personally there's nothing we can do to change this, but there's my view if anyone is interested.
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